Student Explore Australia

Students Explore Australia Pty Ltd is on a mission to connect young people with nature, as a way to improve their wellbeing. As a member of our team, your direct mission is to contribute to this core purpose.

Working at Students Explore Australia is not for everyone, but it is for those who believe in our purpose and see themselves fitting in with our core values (as mentioned below). We take our company culture pretty seriously, making sure everyone feels part of the team. We celebrate wins together, and push each other to improve in our professional and personal lives. Our crew either work from a home office/warehouse in Everard Park or from their own homes remotely – or of course out in the field when we deliver nature-based programs.  

Our Core Values

1. We strive for good vibes everyday (there’s a science behind this)
2. We are hungry to achieve our personal best
3. We are adaptable to change
4. We are highly organised and punctual
5. We are optimists, with can-do attitudes

Key duties:

Key duties:

  • cater student meals for multi-day programs in various South Australian locations
  • liaise with students, teachers and team members to ensure high standards of food safety and customer service
  • pack and preparation of food and catering equipment before and after camp programs

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