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Ghost Tour Adelaide City and Port Adelaide

They say winter is when the Ghosts come out to play… On a Friday night, join us as we take a dark adventure through Adelaide City and Port Adelaide Harbor. We can’t promise you will see a ghost, but we can promise that you’ll learn about TRUE stories of mysterious murders, hangings, sickening suicides and of course ghosts that are said to still haunt some of the areas we visit.

Due to graphic stories and themes, this tour is for 18+ only. This is considered to be a history tour of Adelaide with a dark twist. After discovering Adelaide’s dark history, you’ll be forced to look twice at some of the buildings that you have usually walked past everyday.

This is a night tour, so we recommend you eat dinner before joining us at 6:20pm.

Date: 16/8/19 Friday night
Time: 6:20pm – 9:30pm
Pickup Location: Front of Convention Centre, North Terrace:
Price: $35 for Students, $39 for family and friends of students.

What to Bring: Reasonable walking shoes and your favourite soft toy to comfort you.