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On Monday morning the 4th of December, we met with our group of explorers for the Study Adelaide Surf Camp ! Ready for our adventure on some of the most beautiful southern coastlines in South Australia. We started the day off with a fact-guessing name game to get to know each other!

Our first stop was on the student camp was ‘Harvest the Fleurieu’ where we were given a farm tour by the owner. The Sherry Family who owns Harvest the Fleurieu grows many types of fruit including cherries, tomatoes, raspberries, garlic and apples – and of course, their famous strawberries that we were about to pick! They we’re big, red and juicy and tasted really sweet!

Our next stop was Urimbirra Wildlife Park where we had the opportunity to feed some animals by hand as well as pat koala’s while they ate gumtree leaves. Urimbirra Wildlife Park is home to many dingos, peacocks, chickens, crocodiles, snakes, lizards and a range of other native Australian animals.

Study Adelaide Student Camp 1

Urimbirra Wildlife Park #KoalaSelfie

After a big lunch we made our way to our campsite to setup our tents. The tents we use are easy and very quick to setup, so we could start our waterfall walk soon after arriving at our camp! The waterfall was flowing amazingly when we reached, and the walk gave us some stunning views of the where the ocean and hills meet.

We arrived home to a warm cooked dinner made by our chef, and we finished up with some dessert sitting around the campfire! It was really a beautiful and peaceful night in the natural bush park.

Our second day was for exploring Victor Harbor and of course surfing! We had a great opportunity to explore Granite Island and have lunch delivered directly to us at Victor Harbor… lunch delivered next to the beach was great!

On we went to our surf spot, where the Study Adelaide Surf Camp really got started! We met our professional instructors and received our full-body wet suits. A few of us were able to stand up on the board… but we definitely needed more time to practise tomorrow. It was great because the water was not very deep so it didn’t matter that some of us could not swim?

Picture of Study Adelaide Surf Camp 1

Students about to enter the Water !!

As we went back to our campsite, we enjoyed another chef cooked meal today and I’m so glad that in our survey, most people said the food was better than expected… well done chef! Haha.

After dinner and another night time dessert, we enjoyed a night walk near our bush campsite. It was beautiful to see shadows of the tall trees against the night stars, lucky there were lots of us in a group or it may have been scary!

Our final day came and after another warm cooked breakfast, we started our campsite packup. Everyone helped out so well, so we finished early and decided to enjoy some bonus lookouts at Horseshoe Bay before our second surf lesson.

Our surfing improved today and most of us were able to stand up on the board, at least for a few seconds :D. It didn’t matter so much that were weren’t fantastic surfers, what mattered the most is that we got great photos of us with surf boards ? of course!

After our final surf session for the Study Adelaide Surf Camp, we went to horseshoe bay for snacks and time to chill out and play volleyball! It turns out we really needed practise at volleyball too… oh well, as long as we had fun!

Study Adelaide Student Camp 2

Photo Competition Winner #StudentsExploreAustralia

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