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Lady Mayoress Genevieve Theseira-Haese

Genevieve Theseira-Haese – Former Lady Mayoress of the City of Adelaide

Genevieve Theseira-Haese became Lady Mayoress of Adelaide when her husband Martin Kinnear Haese became Adelaide’s 37th Lord Mayor, elected in November 2014. Genevieve was born and educated in Singapore and left at 17 to study Psychology and Communications at University in Los Angeles. Later moving to St Martin’s in London to focus in Advertising Communications and graduating with a BA (Hons).

Genevieve remained in London and worked in Advertising, mostly at global Advertising agency Leo Burnett, managing the agencies Pan European clients. This saw her work with teams from 8 European cities, including London. She continued to live in Europe for 12 years.

Returning to Singapore, she was invited to set up and become the Chief Executive of a Government backed Singapore Advertising consultancy. After 4 years, Republic Advertising grew to become a $Aus 15 million dollar billing agency. She managed this outcome by the age of 35 whilst also undertaking various board and leadership positions.

During this time, Genevieve became a founding board member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation (Singapore) and a global member of the group for 15 years. Amongst other communities she supported, she also served for 12 years on the board of the Singapore Home Nursing Foundation, which supports palliative care for the elderly sick. During her time in Singapore, Genevieve founded another business called Breathing Space, an holistic well-being portal to support corporations and communities in the area of stress management. Success saw Breathing Space grow regional in Asia and then back to England.

Genevieve is proud to consider herself a self-made woman. Believing success was possible because she comes from a very supportive family, she has found strength comes through unity with community and appreciates the values of working with society to make a positive difference.

“I have been privileged in life to have had the exposure and experiences of living in 4 continents until 2008 when I made Australia my home. I bring with me my collective experience to support my husband, Martin Haese as the Lord Mayor of Adelaide.”