Our Story

Students Explore Australia was started to become a way for students to experience Australia in a comfortable yet affordable way, and form bonds with other students from a variety of cultural backgrounds.


A word from Aaron, owner of SEA – Why we started Students Explore Australia

” The back story is, my parents moved to Australia from Hungary as migrants, in their mid 20’s. I was born in Australia and was truly lucky enough to create some of my best childhood memories in the Australian outback, regularly going camping and exploring our natural wonderland.

Once I started uni, I had many friends that were international students. I took some camping for fun, and so they could experience our what our beautiful country has to offer, too. They told their friends, and more and more wanted to know how and where to go camping in Australia. So, I started taking more students to explore Australia…

These early adventures inspired me to create SEA, and help students to explore Australia’s natural Country and culture. Since then, our programs have developed to encompass a range of benefits to both the organisations we team up with, as well as their participating students”


Organisations can expect to see benefits in student engagement and well being, student retention as well as student attraction & recruitment to their organisation. At ground level, the students we take exploring get to see Australia for an affordable price, experience camping without having to buy equipment, and go to places they never would have known about, or felt confident enough to tackle by themselves.

SEA works with many student organisations including universities, schools, student accommodation providers, private colleges, cultural clubs and more. We have a range of tour packages and day trips available to choose from, but we can customise packages to suit your organisation. Give us a call or send an email and we’ll work something out 🙂

Note: our work privileges us to work with many different cultures. Our food catering staff and tour guides embrace any cultural-uniqueness your students may offer us – it adds to the experience for everyone!