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Students Explore Australia is a perfect host for your next outdoor education camp. We have 10 years of experience delivering programs that specifically align to the needs of many different age groups, and vary in specific program outcomes. Our camps provide the opportunity for our young people to spend time in nature, enriching their lives. This can be as small as a half day paddle, or an expedition style program in a remote environment.


Students with kayaks on the grass

Canoeing and Kayaking

Students can experience the wonders of South Australian waterways with canoeing and kayaking programs. Our programs have been designed to suit ages 10+ and we can cater for various difficulties – tailored to your group’s needs. Canoeing and kayaking offer excellent opportunities for team building and communication development, as well as leadership.

Snorkelling South Australia School Camps


South Australia offers some of the best snorkelling with the clearest waters in the world, an experience not to be missed. We offer single full day trips, all the way to purpose-designed snorkelling camps in many regions of the state.


Surfing is a great way to build up confidence in the water for ages 10+. We offer surfing at a number of locations throughout the state, for all levels of ability including super-beginner and for those who are not confident in the water. Learn how to stay safe in the surf, and eventually stand up on a board for a fun ride!

Raft Building School Camps South Australia

Raft building

Raft building is a great activity for students to really focus on their teamwork skills. It’s not easy to make decisions when everyone in the team has an opinion on how to build the raft. The challenge is to work together to get the job done, and ultimately have an awesome time building a brilliant (or terrible) raft.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is a thrilling activity for those who want to extend their comfort zone and try something exhilarating. We offer programs for all levels of riding, from beginners to advanced, and with so many tracks available in South Australia, including many areas nearby to Adelaide, we can certainly cater to many groups.

rock climbing students

Rock Climbing & Abseiling

Natural surface climbing is so rare to experience in today’s society, why not give students a chance to learn and trust their peers with a real hands-on experience. With many climbing locations within a short driving distance of Adelaide, rock climbing and abseiling can be offered both in single full day programs, or as part of a longer camp experience. Some places we visit include Adelaide Hills, Flinders Ranges, Victor Harbor and much more.

Nature Based Volunteering

Nature based volunteering is a unique and special experience we can include in any camp. We have connections with dedicated not-for-profit organisations, that allows us to participate in activities such as animal surveying, planting trees, tracking feral species in an area, clearing walking paths, beach clean up, weeding invasive species and much more. Groups are given insights into how to make a positive impact in the environment they will one day inherit.

Adventure Caving

Adventure caving is an activity which is educational, physically and possibly mentally challenging, interactive and certainly very engaging for students. Adventure caving is predominantly delivered throughout the south east coast of South Australia, along what is known as The LImestone Coast. We also work together with National Park guides, who share knowledge of the local geology, explain how the caves were formed and why they are so important to science. If participants chose to, they can indeed crawl through various circuits within our ‘challenge by choice’ experience.


Archery is a unique activity that indeed many students cannot easily experience. Our archery programs are generally conducted in Adelaide metro areas, however we also have links to field archery in regional areas across South Australia. We teach students the basic skills, safety and of course provide all the equipment for student groups. Generally suited to ages 10+. Enquire today and we can tell you all about it!

Student Wellbeing Program Australia


SEA can offer a wide variety of bushwalking experiences across South Australia and beyond. We offer single day trips for groups in the Adelaide metro and Hills area, all the way up to expedition style journey programs for groups. We even offer hills X urban hybrid walks which can be some of the most interesting experiences for students (inspired by rogaining). Walking is not only affordable, but also one of the most powerful outdoor activities to unite a group, as we all travel together and have set roles to play within our walking squad. Bushwalking offers opportunities to develop leadership, teamwork, and decision making skills. Contact us today for more information.

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