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Student Explore Australia

Students Explore Australia’s purpose is to connect young people with nature and improve the well-being of Australia’s next generation. We believe that connection to nature is vital for each student’s holistic development. We also understand how important it is for young people to experience the enjoyment that nature can bring.

We are all about creating fun, nature-based experiences that educate and inspire young people to be their best selves. Through our camp activities, we promote better learning outcomes, support students’ wellbeing, and help young people develop essential life skills.

We have school camp programs that are specifically designed to link to curriculum outcomes, tie in with personal development outcomes, connect students with Australian Aboriginal culture, and plenty of programs that are specifically created for outdoor education. You’ll find that each camp program caters to the different needs of each school group. In this way, we can guarantee fun and engaging activities that will directly match the outcomes your group is seeking.

With a super simple program delivery schedule, our school camp programs are the easiest way for you to become the favourite teacher!

School Camp Destinations

We own and work with a number of accommodations across South Australia, Victoria, and Northern Territory. This allows us to have school camps in a number of incredible destinations that provide students with brilliant nature-based learning experiences.  Each camp destination has its own set of unique activities that we can run for your group, and hence picking a destination for your school camp is an important choice. Our staff can guide you to make the right decision, and walk you through the different options we can offer – while explaining what each destination can offer.

Our regular schools camp destinations include Kangaroo Island, Flinders Ranges, Lower Murray and Coorong, Murray River, Yorke Peninsula, Naracoorte Caves and Mt Gambier, Great Ocean Road and Otways National Park, Central Australia and Coober Pedy. Having said that, we also have experience delivering programs in Deep Creek, Adelaide Hills and a range of other places – if there’s a location you specifically want to visit, it’s likely we can get you there!

Get in touch with us today and we’ll guide you on picking a school camp location that suits your groups goals the best!

School Camps Themes

Themes can indeed be tailored to your group, but here are a couple of common themes we have a tonne of experience delivering:

Indigenous Culture: Students Explore Australia has a deep connection with Indigenous Culture, and hence it is threaded into many of our programs. We often work with Indigenous cultural groups, and where we cannot, our program guides will often mention which mob’s Country we are on and at least touch on some interesting local Indigenous content for students to learn about. When students ‘experience’ Indigenous culture, it allows them to develop more respect for Indigenous culture and simply for nature.

Personal Development: Within each of our programs, there is no doubt an opportunity for each student to develop themselves in some way. Personal development includes things like teamwork training, leadership development, resilience work, physical and mental wellbeing practice and understanding. These skills can be developed and practiced in an outdoor setting, and are far more likely to create a lasting impact when students get hands-on experience!

Outdoor Education School Camps

We have Outdoor Education Camps that students from years 4 + will love! Student groups can experience our outdoor education programs locally, or can across a number of remote locations in SA – it all depends on the program outcomes and of course the age suitability of each location.

Our Aquatics Camps offer activities such as kayaking and canoeing, snorkeling, surfing and raft building. We are happy to take care of all equipment, instruction and can even transport, cater and accommodate your group, if required.

We can also offer outdoor education programs that focus on mountain biking, rock climbing and abseiling, nature-based volunteering, adventure caving, archery, bush walking and much more! As always, we’ll happily supply all the equipment and instructors, and can organise every single aspect of the program for you too, if need be.

Curriculum-focused School Camps

We have many pre-made programs that can be specifically linked to curriculum outcomes for your student group. If there are specific curriculum outcomes you wish to focus on, then we can certainly adjust a program to align with your specific outcomes.

Our variety of school camps in South Australia cater to all student groups. We have camps for Primary School, Middle School, High School, and Senior School students. Activities and camp themes are based on school subjects for each year level, so you’ll love how each camp can enhance your students’ understanding of core concepts, while having fun at the same time!

Get in touch with us if you’d like to have a program that links with any of the following subjects:  Civics and Citizenship, History, Geography, Science, HASS, Economics and Business, Indigenous Visual Arts and Music, Health and PE, Work Studies or Indigenous Language.

Budget Options for School Camps

We have a few great solutions for schools who are on a tight budget but still wish to inspire their students to fall in love with nature! We’ve got a few options that will allow your students to visit incredible destinations such as Kangaroo Island, Flinders Ranges, Yorke Peninsula, Coorong and Murray River, Naracoorte and Mt Gambier, Uluru, Great Ocean Road, Grampians and much more!

1. Hire our Expert Staff (day rate only) 
Group Transport Options (for multi-day touring)
3. Equipment Hire Options 

We firmly believe that every young person should have the opportunity to get involved in nature based programs that are actually inspiring and fun!