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Student Explore Australia

The purpose of Students Explore Australia is to connect young people with nature in order to improve the wellbeing of Australia’s next generation. We believe that connections to nature is crucial for students to learn essential life skills and gain more confidence beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Our goal is to create educational and inspirational opportunities for young people that focus on nature and fun. Through our camp activities, we enhance our students’ learning, support their wellbeing, and facilitate their personal development. We make it a point to create experiences that flow on to make a positive impact on students’ lives.

We have a range of incredible destinations that we work through, and either own, or have long standing partnerships with high quality accommodation providers. Each destination has it’s own unique landscape and unique opportunities for learning. Our team will help guide you to chose a school camp location that suits your group the best – based on learning outcomes and other goals you may have.

Kangaroo Island is one of the top nature-based destinations of the world. Although getting to the Island has previously been expensive, we’ve partnered with Kangaroo Island Connect Fast-boat to get student groups to the island cheaply, and we permanently hold buses on the island. On Kangaroo Island, students get to experience expansive coastlines, native bushlands, wildlife, and pristine beaches, plus a huge range of nature based adventure activities.

Adventure activities include sandboarding, cave walks, bushwalks, kayaking, surfing, raft building, snorkeling, fishing and much more! We can certainly deliver these activities for your student group on KI – we know they’ll be a hit with students! If your looking for a premium nature-based school camp within South Australia, then look no further than Kangaroo Island!

School camps within the Flinders Ranges take students to a whole new environment. Ancient mountain ranges, deep craters, incredible gorges, and dusty red roads would make you think you were navigating the terrain of another world. Your school group can be immersed in breath taking scenery during the day, and be amazed by the clear skies at night.

Uniquely in the Flinders Ranges, we have a special connection with an Indigenous cultural group. This allows us to give student groups an experience like no other! Schools groups have the opportunity to chat with Indigenous Elders, learn how to cook Kangaroo Tail on the campfire, learn basket weaving and boomerang making, dot painting and more. The most touching and educational experience however, is seeing the Indigenous boys and girls from the cultural group get painted up and come together for a fire-side dance performance. Our group learns the significance of traditional dance, and some messages to take from the contemporary dance.

Of course, we’re happy to arrange logistics, catering and all aspects of the tour – unless of course you wanted to organise parts of the tour yourself, to keep the costs down.

If you’re group is up for a drive, then places further north such as Wilpena Pound, Blinman, Arkaroola the Nilpena Fossil sites are great places to explore for specific learning outcomes and some unique adventure. 

Camps in the Lower Murray and Coorong

The Murray River, Lakes and Coorong region boasts unique scenery and wildlife. This river is Australia’s greatest waterway, and holds a great history spanning back to 130 million years. It is also a place where students can discover the rich Aboriginal history, culture and heritage. The Lower Murray and Coorong is a place where students can not only be inspired by the beautiful natural environment surrounding them, but also gain a deeper understanding of Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal culture.

Of course, school camps in Lower Murray and Coorong can include water-based adventure activities too! Our program facilitators have experience taking kayaking sessions, raft building sessions and much more. Depending where exactly you go along the Coorong and Lower Murray region, there may even be opportunities to go surfing as well as sand boarding! Our team will work with you to come up with a program that fits well to your group’s ultimate goals!

Curriculum outcomes for many subjects are certainly available too. As always, we use nature to as a vehicle for student learning, and we have visited places such as Monarto Safari Park, Mannum Waterfalls and fossil sites, Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Conversation Park and Lower Murray River for farming and early settler history. These locations have plenty to offer when it comes to adventure, wildlife, nature-based study and of course Ngarrindjeri Indigenous culture.

Great Ocean Road School Camps

Located on the south coast of Victoria, the Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic places in the world where schools can enjoy a good mix of nature based activities.  The Great Ocean Road offers beautiful beaches, great surfing spots, native wildlife, hiking trails, biking routes and of course the incredible rugged coastlines that the GOR is known for –  perfect for groups who enjoy taking photos!

For groups needing a bit more adventure – the GOR offers rock climbing and abseiling, surfing, beautiful mountain biking (at the right time of the year) and of course some stunning bush walking trails. Like any other destination, our programs can facilitate teamwork development, leadership development, physical and mental wellbeing learning and resilience challenges. There is indeed some Aboriginal history that can be explored throughout any Great Ocean Road program too – many people don’t realise how much Indigenous history is embedded within the regions of the Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road camps are more than just seeing the 12 apostles and famous sites – there are genuine opportunities to experience a unique and contrasting environment and enjoy a wide range of nature-based educational activities. Enquire today to have a more detailed discussion about what there is on offer on the Great Ocean Road.

Naracoorte Caves National Park is the only World Heritage site located in South Australia. The heritage site is rich in natural history, and is a great place to hold camps that have a science focus. The Naracoorte Caves tell the story of Australia’s unique animal heritage, as the caves preserve the most complete fossil record spanning several ice ages.

A whole range of topics can be explored, including palaeontology, geology, the secret world of bats, adventure caving and of course personal development activities too. Students can have opportunities to learn about world heritage, conservation and sustainability practices, evolution, biodiversity, and even tourism.

With great accommodation options including camping and dormitory bunk houses, the caves offer great learning outcomes and fun, hands-on activities that can truly engage your students!

Uluru / Ayers Rock And Central Australia School Camps

Uluru / Ayers Rock is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that holds a special place in the hearts of Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people, and indeed in the hearts of all Australians. With rich Aboriginal heritage, remarkable landscapes and unique, arid wildlife and surprising early settler history – Central Australia is far more than just a tourist spot.

On our Uluru and Central Australia programs, we often include visits to Coober Pedy, West MacDonnell Ranges (Tjoritja), Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and Kings Canyon (Watarrka National Park). Of course, the places we visit are specifically aligned with your group’s requested outcomes.

Opportunities for activities are endless, including painting workshops, mountain biking, astronomy workshops, nature tours, birdwatching, Aboriginal cultural interpretation, geology, opal mining practise, biology and the list goes on. Enquire and we’ll go through all your options so you can make the best informed decision for your school’s needs.

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