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Our school camp themes include Indigenous culture (Australian Aboriginal culture) and personal development. Integrating these themes into our programs gives students hands-on practise and exposure to new skills and understanding in a way that a classroom simply can’t.

We are passionate about creating fun, nature-based experiences for young people that educate and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves. Through our camp activities, we foster better learning outcomes, support students’ wellbeing, and help them develop essential life skills.

Each camp program is designed to address the needs of different school groups. Our team can create fun and engaging activities that will be tailored to meet your school’s goals – including personal development, Indigenous culture, direct curriculum links or any other goals you may have in mind for your student groups.  We can also manage the logistics, transportation, catering and accommodation for you.

We collaborate closely with school teachers to create programs that will make the whole camp experience fun and enriching. Below, we go into some more details about general themes we often include within our school camp programs. Remember, the themes are complementary to the school camp programs, they work best in conjunction with our regular fun and hands-on activities.

Indigenous Culture

Our Indigenous Culture camps allow students to get an immersive experience with Aboriginal history and culture. Schools can choose from different destinations across South Australia where we can hold Indigenous cultural programs – however, almost all of our programs will have some content about Indigenous culture within them. In particular our Flinders Ranges and Coorong camps offer truly unique experiences that students simply would not experience otherwise.

Personal Development

Personal development within a hands-on and practical setting is easier to achieve and has a longer-lasting impact for students than simply learning the theory in class. Our programs foster resilience, mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, and a holistic approach to developing skills to face the challenges of the modern world. Specific skillsets include mind mastery, using nature for physical wellbeing, teamwork development, leadership development, or perhaps adventure activity skills training.

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