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Wellbeing Programs for Primary Schools

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We offer wellbeing programs for primary schools because there is such a large need to instil these crucial life skills at an early age. Primary school students today, face vastly different and more challenges than what they did 10 years ago, and unfortunately, mental wellbeing is significantly on the decline in young people.

The positive news is that, wellbeing can actually be taught as a set of skills. Our primary school wellbeing programs are often based around play and interactive engagement, with important life lessons. We seek to teach students how to increase their feelings of positive emotion and understand how to feel better when they experience tricky situations in life. As the years go on, students can apply the program’s concepts to help them grow and reach their fullest potential when facing life’s challenges.

Implementing a proper wellbeing program for your primary school students will set your school apart from others, build culture in your student and parent community, and ultimately benefit the students as they progress in your school.

Using Nature in our Wellbeing Programs for Primary Schools

Our wellbeing programs for primary schools are most often formatted as single day or half-day programs and in some cases we have even done overnight format’s nearby to your school. We have a strong focus on using nature in all of our wellbeing programs. It is now proven beyond a doubt that exposure to natural green spaces and natural environments improves wellbeing in young people and adults too! Our program directly supports the 5 Ways to Wellbeing in Nature

Government campaign, and our programs are modelled on the PERMA+ wellbeing framework. Enquire now and get the full details, pricing and all your questions answered!

Our Experience Facilitating Wellbeing Programs at your Primary Schools

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We have been one of the leaders of school wellbeing programs in schools for several years, and have delivered programs to thousands of students from several states. The staff that facilitate our primary school wellbeing programs are well experienced teachers that have expertise specifically in wellbeing concepts including several different positive mental health frameworks. Our programs particularly focus on PERMA+ and using nature to create a powerful, memorable and interactive experience.

Our content within the program is of course age-specific, and our trained and qualified educators use age-appropriate concepts to explain wellbeing skills in a way they understand and can apply straight away. So contact us today for a fun day of learning in nature with your students and staff.

We include: catering if needed, fully accredited transport, excursion risk management documentation, itinerary management and contingency planning, pre-develop documents for your school excursion application, all staff needed for activity facilitating and basically everything else you need!

How You can Contribute to Wellbeing Programs at Your Primary School

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Principals and Teachers: Take a snapshot of your school’s current wellbeing program (if you have one at all) and see if it adequately meets the needs of your primary school students. Is the program engaging? Does it cover the right content, and do you have facilitators that understand the topic inside out? If wellbeing is not your speciality, then start making some changes. Get in contact with us for a no obligation chat, and you can make a real, positive difference in your students’ lives, while also meeting the expectations of their parents.

Parents: If you feel that your son or daughter’s school is not taking student wellbeing seriously – then let them know! You can make a difference in your child’s wellbeing, while also helping so many other young people in their class if a proper wellbeing program for primary students is implemented. Our wellbeing program for primary schools is a great start to improving student wellbeing, and other parents will thank you for raising it with your school!

Key Contributors to Wellbeing Programs for Primary Schools

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We can work with a number of different organisations to deliver wellbeing programs for all school ages and even adults. If your primary school doesn’t have a wellbeing program, or it has room for improvement, then get in touch with us today!

Create a Custom Wellbeing Program for Your Primary Students

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