Study Tours at The University of Queensland

Students Explore Australia provides study tours in partnership with Australia’s top universities, for high school and middle school students. These immersion experiences give students a chance to experience student life in Australia.  Students Explore Australia is proud to partner with The University of Queensland (UQ) to offer study tours at their Brisbane study. The University of Queensland is ranked among the top universities in the world for nursing, biotechnology and hospitality and tourism management, among other specialties.

Exploring Australian Culture

Students Explore Australia understands that there’s more to university life in Australia than just studying. That’s why our tours include a lot of cultural activities, which allow students to experience the best that Australia can offer.

Finding The Best University Study Programs

While the students are on-study, they will get a chance to be up-close and personal with the university’s own study programs and facilities, which allow students to make better decisions about future study, should they wish to study long-term at UQ. Students can learn what it takes to study at UQ and how the current, local and international students balance their studying with other daily activities. 

Discover Different Types of Long-term Student Accommodation

If your students are looking to pursue Australian higher education in the long term, we’ll explore different accommodation options, including university-managed accommodation, private housing and off-study villages. This will allow students to experience different housing options prior to making a commitment to the university for their studies.

A Well-Rounded Student Experience

We understand that a student’s life isn’t limited to studies alone. Our study tours can also accommodate recreational activities available in each unique location, so everyone has a chance to have fun while on tour! From catching the waves on the coast’s beaches, to bush-walking and visiting koalas in their natural habitat, there’s always an opportunity to experience life in Queensland in an unforgettable way. There may even be opportunities to catch a few sporting games, try local food and explore the local arts scene. 

Get To Know Other Universities

Students Explore Australia have partnered with other universities in the country, to bring you immersive experiences through on-study tours. Students on tour may also check out our other partner universities in Queensland as well!

The University of Queensland

Students Explore Australia provides customizable study tours of the University of Queensland for students wishing to explore their education programs. Our study tours are available for students who want to know more about the university’s facilities for learning, including programs for business, leadership and management, science and health, and arts, design and creative. What’s more, students will also get a chance to learn about daily life on and off study for those studying in their chosen field or discipline.

Our Collaboration

Students Explore Australia works with the University of Queensland and other universities to bring the complete Australian student experience to life. Our partnership with UQ allows students to spend time on study and be immersed in the university learning environment. This gives students an opportunity to get to know the Australian education system and learning about culture in many different ways. 

Our packages are available for student groups, or individual families with children, who are looking to explore university education within Australia. All study tours are customisable and can accommodate any student who’s interested in any program at the university, and are not limited to a singular field of study.

Science and Health

For students who want to explore the fields of medicine, nursing, biotechnology and general health, a customized study tour will take them through the facilities and laboratories used for advanced studies in health and science. We can also put on lectures related to specific areas of study, or your group may be able to join existing lectures taking place on study.

Business, Leadership and Management

Students interested in the fields of business, leadership and management, can get an in-depth exploration of life as a business student. They can learn what it means to be in a multidisciplinary environment as they develop their skills in entrepreneurship, economics, management, finance or other speciality areas.

Arts, Design and Creative Studies

Creatively inclined students will get a chance to explore UQ’s studios and galleries. They will get a chance to witness the use of classical and new media in the study of different forms of art and design and even get a chance to explore the unique art scene in Brisbane.

Hospitality and Tourism Management

The University of Queensland is ranked as one of the best universities for hospitality and tourism management. Students will get a chance to experience the hospitality and tourism program both in and out of the classroom, by getting to know the local tourism industry through exploring Brisbane’s own restaurants and tourist attractions. 

How to Book A Study Tour

Find Other Programs

Students Explore Australia offers customizable study tours of The University of Queensland for students seeking to explore their education programs. Students can tour the university’s facilities, such as their purpose-built modern facilities. They can attend lectures where facilitators teach students with a real-world perspective.  It also allows observation on how their fellow students acquire relevant skills that they will apply in the workplace.