School Immersion Study Tours in Australia

On a school immersion study tour in Australia, we partner your group with one of our high quality schools. We have a number of different durations for school immersion study tours, but generally your students will spend around 5 days at our partner school. We implement a ‘buddy’ system where each of your students is paired up with a local Australian student for the week.

For these 5 days (or more), students will take the same classes as their buddies as if they were a local student. This gives them a great opportunity to practise their English skills and also teach the local students about their culture.
We can organise homestay accommodation for the study tour, but most groups prefer to use private group accommodation because we can ensure a fair and equal experience for all students. Additionally, using private group accommodation allows us to schedule activities and sightseeing for your students after 3:30pm when school finishes. Activities include going to wildlife parks to cuddle koalas and feed kangaroos, also visiting Australia’s most beautiful beaches and sometimes even attending Australian sports games like AFL!

School immersion study tours are a fantastic way to improve English language and understand more about the Australian education system and culture. Please enquire today to get the full details.

Why choose us for School Immersion Study Tours

Student Explore Australia

Students Explore Australia is a dedicated study tour provider, with many years of experience delivering student tour programs. This means that:

  • Our prices are very reasonable because we have our own buses, accommodation facilities and our own catering team.
  • We have many years of experience coordinating highly complex tours, and have systems in place to ensure a very high quality school immersion study tour.
  • We have established long-standing partnerships with many high ranking private and public schools in Australia.

Also, because we are not an education agency, we will not try to sell you any particular programs on enrol you into any schools – our job is to make sure your school immersion study tour is fun, educational, safe and high value for money! Enquire with us today.

School Immersion Study Tour Australian Locations

Student Explore Australia

Your student group can enjoy their school immersion study tour experience in a number of Australia’s top study tour locations. We have teams that support study tours in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Each study tour location has it’s own unique benefits and attractions. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation about your study tour program.

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