Study Tours at Flinders University

For several years, Students Explore Australia has provided Australia’s best study tour programs. These are customizable and made available for middle school and high school students. We design our content and activities to meet course objectives and specific learning objectives based on your class syllabus and the group preferences.

This study tour program collaborates with Flinders University, a progressive, student-focused and career-minded university in South Australia. With this, we aim to combine exciting educational, tourism and cultural exchange activities to deliver lifelong learning opportunities for the study group.

Exploring Australian Culture

In addition to academic activities, Students Explore Australia includes cross-cultural activities and sightseeing during the study tour program. The students can explore South Australia’s famous tourist spots and engage with local communities to increase cultural awareness. It lets the students know the city more and enjoy it as if they are locals.

Exploring Options For Higher Education Program

Students Explore Australia brings students to visit universities, such as Flinders University, to grasp how the educational system in the country works. Study tours are also essential for students who may consider studying in Australia in future years and choosing the right Australian university. They can get the information they need during orientation and not just from brochures. Students can attend lectures, walk around the study and interact with university students. Aside from that, they can explore different higher education programs that interest them and the career path that comes with them. They can explore Flinders’ study areas such as business, creative arts, health sciences and psychology and their respective colleges. 

Checking Out Long-Term Housing Options

Students wishing to study in Australia who need housing options can check out long-term accommodation with us. Students can learn more about Flinders Living, and Flinders’s on-study housing and explore the University Hall and self-contained units of the Deirdre Jordan Village. If the group prefers private accommodation, vast choices range from apartments, to suites, to single bedrooms. Our goal is to help you find a suitable dwelling that fits your needs and the vibe you want.

Create A Unique Student Experience Through Experiential Learning

To deliver a holistic learning experience for the students, we include cultural activities and sightseeing during the tour. It is good news that South Australia, especially Adelaide, is bursting with many things to see and do. Students can visit picturesque wine regions in Barossa Valley or Adelaide Hills and learn how wines are made. They can get close to iconic Australian wildlife and epic nature on Kangaroo Island. To get a hefty dose of historical culture, we can visit the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian Museum. Let us know the study group’s cup of tea in terms of activities, and we will handle the arrangements for you.

Get To Know Other Universities

Because of our long-standing partnerships with many leading Australian universities, we can offer high-quality immersion study tours. Meet some universities we have partnered with and might fit into your itinerary.

Flinders University

We offer customized study tours for Flinders University, a perfect way to learn about the Australian education system. South Australia’s Flinders University has been ranked among the top two percent of universities worldwide for teaching quality, student support, student-teacher ratio and undergraduate starting salaries. This will allow students to maximize the value of their money during the tour as they can receive an unparalleled learning experience at the University. We can tour their research facilities, sleep research laboratories and student support spaces, such as their fitness rooms and health and wellness programs. Alongside their state-of-the-art facilities, Flinders University has different study areas that can spark interest for the students.

Our Collaboration

Our long history of providing study tour programs has enabled us to collaborate with the best universities in Australia to deliver a well-rounded Australian student experience. Your students get a first-hand experience of how their desired course works by engagement with the university students.

These study tour programs are open to student groups. Families who wish to learn more about university education in Australia can also benefit from the study tours. We tailor the program to meet your student’s interests and the group’s desired learning outcomes.

Business, Leadership and Management

Students who want to get into the world of business as an entrepreneur or become business managers can immerse themselves in the College of Business, Government and Law during the study tours. Students can explore all areas of business practice by attending lectures and joining the creation of projects along with university students. The group can surely gain practical learning based on solving real-world business problems during their stay at the study.

Science and Health

Students who have their passions and interests set on the field of science and health can indulge themselves in Flinders University’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences. The group can tour the Caring Futures Institute, the country’s first-ever research centre for the study of self-care and caring solutions. We do not expect the students’ specializations to be set during the tour, but want them to experience what this subject area offers. We allow the students to get excited and feel challenged to learn in a new environment with a new set of people.

Arts, Design and Creative

Students who see the world artistically and philosophically can visit the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, and Flinders’s Assemblage Centre for Creative Arts. Taking the students to watch creative art students in action can allow them to see how they put their learning into practice. The study group can also enter The Void, a multipurpose production stage housed in the University and a platform for creating a screen experience of any kind. The goal is to stimulate the students’ interests more so they can get a unique experience they will take with them throughout their lives.

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What They Say

Great Tours, really well laid out and thoughtfully planned. I have seen a lot of what Australia has to offer through them.

– Milan Fatoric


Only good experiences with Students Explore Australia.

I have seen quite a lot of South Australia thanks to their tours during my study abroad exchange,

and I already booked the next one to the Great Ocean Road.

I recommend their tours for sure! Plenty of fun and good memories.

– Jérémie Adm