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University Subject Tours

Our Subject-specific Study Tour Programs offer groups of students the opportunity to come to Australia and learn about their specific area of study. Whether it’s nursing, engineering, art and design or another subject, our programs provide students with the chance to visit Australian cities and go to a number of prestigious universities located in those cities. We have partnerships with many universities and educational organisations, which allows us to offer students a variety of options for their study tour experience. 

Our programs allow students to visit facilities that are relevant to their subject area, such as research centers and laboratories, and also provide opportunities for guest lectures by experts in their field from the universities that we partner with. These study tours provide an unparalleled educational experience, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of their subject while immersing themselves in the culture and lifestyle of Australia

Why choose us for Subject-specific Study Tours:

Student Explore Australia

Choosing our company for your subject-specific study tour will provide your student group with a superior learning experience. As a study tour provider, we can take you to multiple universities or other private education institutions that your group wishes to visit, instead of having to only visit one education provider. This allows for a broader and better learning experience as students are able to compare and contrast different educational settings and facilities.

Furthermore, we have strong links with industry and can take student groups to tour industry-specific workplaces, providing an opportunity to see the application of their studies in the real-world setting. Our experience and expertise in both education and tourism, coupled with our strong industry links, make us the best choice for your subject-specific study tours.

Additionally, as tourism experts, we can offer a far better student experience on a study tour than if your group partnered with an education institution directly. We have a range of day tours and extended tours that student groups love, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and lifestyle of Australia while also focusing on their area of study. Educational institutions simply can’t offer these tours because they either don’t have the right equipment, correctly qualified staff, nor the understanding of where to actually go for great tourism experiences. 

We also excel in managing complex touring – our systems are designed specifically to seamlessly manage logistics, safety, paperwork and of course we have our own buses and catering teams.

This allows your group to simply work with a single Study Tour partner that brings together all aspects of your group’s tour including university partners, tourism components, logistics, catering and everything between!



Study Tour Locations:

Student Explore Australia

Our Study tours that focus on a specific subject or learning area, can be done in many of Australia’s top cities. We do recommend you have a chat to use first before deciding which city – as each city may have different offerings for your certain subject, and of course differing weather to consider based on your expected month of arrival. Talk to us today and we’ll happily offer our advice.