Your Study Tour Experience at La Trobe University

Students Explore Australia offers study tours in partnership with Australia’s best universities for students in middle and high school levels. We provide immersion experiences to give students the opportunity to learn about student life in Australia. 

Students Explore Australia is proud to partner with La Trobe University to offer study tours at their study in Victoria and Sydney. La Trobe University is ranked within the top 1% of universities around the world and is known for its programs in arts and humanities, biology and chemistry, medicine and computer science. 

Exploring The Best of Australia

Students Explore Australia understands that there’s more to university life than what happens in the classroom. That’s why we’re devoted to providing the full range of activities that allow students to experience the best parts of studying and staying in Australia.

Find the Best Study Programs

During their time on study, students will get the chance to know the university’s own study programs and facilities, which allow students to make well-informed decisions on their course of study should they choose to study long-term at an Australian university. Students will get to know members of the university community, both local and international, and learn about balancing their studies with other everyday activities.

Discover New Accommodation

Students visiting La Trobe’s study will get a chance to check out the various options for accommodation, including university-managed housing, off-study residences and even private rentals. This allows students to experience different housing options before committing to their university of choice.

Get A Well-Rounded Student Experience

We also understand that university life isn’t limited to studies alone. We can accommodate various leisure activities so everyone has a chance to have fun during their study tour! From bushwalking to visiting wildlife habitats, there’s always an opportunity to explore every aspect of living in Victoria. There may even be opportunities for trying out the local food, exploring the local art scene, or even catching a few sporting events.  

Get To Know Other Universities in Victoria

Backed with the partnerships of other top universities in the country, we can bring you a vibrant on-study experience. Get to know our partnering universities that students can also visit in Victoria.

La Trobe University

Students Explore Australia offers customisable tours of La Trobe University for students who wish to explore its educational programs and facilities, especially those used for the arts, sciences, medicine and computer science. Students will also get a chance to know daily life for students on and off study for those studying in their chosen field.

Our Collaboration

Students Explore Australia works with LaTrobe University and other universities to present a complete Australian university experience to middle and high school students. Our partnership with La Trobe enables students to spend time on study and get to know its programs and learning environment, as well as student life itself. This gives students a chance to get to know the Australian university system and learning culture in their own way. 

Our packages are available for groups and individual families with children who are interested in university education in Australia. All study tours are customisable and can accommodate any student in any program at the university, as they are not limited to any course of study. 

Arts and Humanities

La Trobe University is ranked high in universities for the arts and humanities, and students wishing to pursue this course of study are encouraged to explore La Trobe’s on-study studios, libraries and galleries to get a sense of the culture surrounding the study of the humanities. They will also get the opportunity to explore the thriving arts scenes both on and off study as well as everyday life for humanities students.

Business, Leadership and Management

Ranked among the top 400 universities in the world for business, La Trobe offers a variety of courses to give students hands-on experience in the world of commerce. Students wishing to pursue business studies at La Trobe will get the opportunity to network with mentors, industry experts and students alike, as they navigate what it means to develop their technological and entrepreneurial skills at the university level.

Science and Health

Students wishing to pursue the fields of science and health are also welcome in La Trobe University. They will get the chance to tour the university’s own world-class research facilities as well as attend talks from professors and students on topics related to the field. This will give students a chance to ask questions about the university and student life as well.

Education and Teaching

La Trobe ranks within the top 1% of universities for education and teaching. Future educators who are interested in attending the university will get the chance to work with students and experts in the field. Students will also get the opportunity to look at acquiring hands-on teaching experiences during their studies and exploring their degree options. 

How We Organise A Study Tour For You

Australian Study Tour Program Partners And Collaborators

Students Explore Australia offers customizable study tours of La Trobe University for students seeking to explore their education programs. Students can tour the university’s facilities, such as their studio spaces for the performance disciplines and digital display systems. They can also attend lectures where facilitators teach students with a real-world perspective. It also allows observation on how their fellow students acquire relevant skills that they will apply in the workplace.

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