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Study Tours in Adelaide, South Australia

We are a leading provider of Study Tours in Adelaide, South Australia. All of our Study Tours can be customised to suit your group’s requirements. Our study tours focus on English language learning, Australian cultural activities, sporting activities and school or university visits and also real industry visits to companies. We have a connections with all South Australian universities, Government High Schools, private high schools, private colleges and all major accommodation providers. This is why we can deliver a very high quality study tour in Adelaide.

If you have questions or would like more information, please feel very welcome to contact us today.


Study Tour Common Inclusions

For all of our study tours, we will generally include a focus on English language and learning through the Western method of both classroom and ‘outdoor’ teaching. We know in an increasingly competitive world, English is a very important language to learn. During the Study Tour, students can experience learning the basics of new sport, see Australian Wildlife and beaches in a safe way and participate in group games and more. Cultural activities are an important part of learning English and learning about student life in Australia.

We have one or two dedicated study tour guides for your entire tour. They are very experienced and we include private bus transport, accommodation (homestay or private) food catering and general advice for your groups comfortable stay. Generally we do half day of indoor learning and half day of outdoor learning or excursions.

If your groups has a specific interest in something like aged care, accounting and finance, engineering, medical programs, teaching or other subjects, we can customise the tour so that it is focused on this professional area of interest.


Your Study Tour Options

We are very flexible to customise your study tour in Adelaide. There are some things you should think about when planning your study tour to Adelaide. We can happily offer any of the below options for you:
a) does your group prefer homestay accommodation or private accommodation
b) is 1 week, 2 week or more weeks better for your students? 2 weeks is most common.
c) would you like to visit local working companies and experience the real industry?
d) would you like information sessions to be organised for your students at universities or high schools?
e) are there any special requests?

All these things we can help you with and give you our genuine local advice so you can make the best decision for your group. We invite you to contact us today if we can help in any way.


Why Choose Us

  • Our prices are very affordable. This is because we have our own buses and drivers, we have our own portable food catering and chef and as a South Australian student tour company, we know the best places to visit for cultural activities.
  • We are an independent tour company. This means we can connect your group to ANY college, university or school. If you do a study tour with private educators, they will try to showcase their own education courses only – but we can show you all your options.
  • We are not education agents – therefore we will not try to sell you anything for our gain. If you need advice about visa’s we can provide general information for free, or offer you other Australian companies to choose from for your detailed enquiries.
  • We have been offering tours for many years – we are extremely organised and have an incredible safety record. On top of that, Adelaide is known to be a very safe place for students and has been recognised in the Top 5 most ‘Liveable’ Cities in the World, 4 years in a row.


Adelaide ‘Study Options’ Tours

Do you have a group that is thinking about studying tertiary education in Australia or just wanting to see what it’s like to study in Australia? Our ‘Study Options’ study tours are a perfect introduction to student life in South Australia. These tours focus on showcasing South Australia as a study destination while providing the opportunity to learn English. We cover all things you need to know when considering South Australia as a place to go for further study after high school.  We showcase to you options for long-term student accommodation, different universities, VET providers and education options (depending on your requirements) and have information sessions to explore your pathways for future study in South Australia.

South Australia is a fantastic place to study, it is extremely safe and mostly cheaper than other major cities in Australia. For more information about Adelaide as a student, view Study Adelaide’s information on South Australia for Study.

This tour can be suitable for both families and students and is the perfect way to ‘try before you buy’ Adelaide. We are confident you will love Adelaide!

Experience South Australian Culture

During our Study Tours in South Australia, of course you will have the opportunity to see and experience Adelaide city. We will also take you to see South Australia’s natural beauty and green parks outside of the city, you will fall in love with the natural beauty and see how close-by you can access nature. We will show you the main areas of our city including where to do shopping, transport and of course where to go to have some fun. South Australia is famous for our stunning white-sand beaches and clean environment.

We also include in the Study Tour, options to visit wildlife parks, natural scenery and attractions,  and to learn about Aboriginal Culture. Our tour guides are very experienced in explaining Aboriginal Culture and guiding you around some of South Australia’s most beautiful natural scenery.

Please note: Study Tours can be done in Mandarin/ Chinese at your request. We have staff that are able to speak in native Mandarin/ Chinese.


How to Book:

For more information or if you would like an example itinerary of a 1 week or 2 week study tour,
we welcome you to you to contact us today.