OutBeyond’s Outdoor Education Programs

OutBeyond is a youth leadership and development company that hosts outdoor education, community service, and study tours for students. They follow sequential programming in their student activities. The school camps and outdoor programs can be held in Melbourne, Phillip Island, Grampians National Park, Mornington Peninsula, and Great Ocean Road.

OutBeyond is known for their school incursions where they organise experiential learning activities in your school. They can also organise educational trips to China, Malaysia, Fiji and New Zealand.

School Camps, Team Building and Leadership Incursions

OutBeyond’s school incursions are designed to fit your school’s curriculum. They have a Camp Skills Incursion, which is a 1 to 2-day incursion where students get to learn how to set up tents, cook meals, develop map skills and navigation, engage in bush conservation, identify risks and hazards, and do first aid.

The Mountain Bike Essentials Incursion involves activities where students get to learn essential skills in mountain biking out in the bush. OutBeyond will provide the mountain bikes, necessary helmets, plus safety and maintenance equipment for your students. It can be done in 1 – 2 days with tailored program options. Students can develop their problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking skills through this incursion.

They also have Team Building and Leadership Incursions in which they can customise an interactive program for you. The program helps students develop a number of life skills and engages them through experiential learning. There are also specific initiatives, games and activities that bring out personal, social, and intercultural capabilities of students.

OutBeyond offers more school camps, outdoor education experiences, study tours, leadership programs, and school holiday camps in key locations across the country. They have a Melbourne CBD Holiday Program that offers simulated leadership experiences in different locations around Melbourne. Another holiday camp for students is held in Mornington Peninsula, which is a 4-night, 5-day program where students get to experience outdoor adventure activities.

OutBeyond is also known for their Beyond Melbourne Cultural Exploration. The travel program is designed for higher education and tertiary school students. Domestic and International students can join this program in order to experience a deeper understanding of culture and communities around Australia.

OutBeyond Australia: Educational Travel Company

The school incursions and camps offered by OutBeyond come with full equipment provision and curated activities for your students. You can also choose which dates to schedule the events and what learning outcomes to include. You can join their various student programs in Tasmania, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. For international school groups they can organise immersions that cater to different cultural backgrounds. For families looking into holiday activities, they can also opt for the Family Adventure Camps being offered by OutBeyond.