Aquatic Activities

Student Explore Australia

Australia’s coastlines and lakes provide many opportunities for students to learn, grow and have fun in the water. To that end, Students Explore Australia gives students a chance to explore the Australian waters through activities that are fun and educational at the same time. Students learn about the sustainability of our waterways and ocean’s resources and how they can improve the environment around them.

Students can experience the wonders of South Australian waterways with canoeing and kayaking programs. Our programs have been designed to suit ages 10+ and we can cater for various difficulties – tailored to your group’s needs. Canoeing and kayaking offer excellent opportunities for team building and communication development, as well as leadership.

South Australia offers some of the best snorkelling with the clearest waters in the world, an experience not to be missed. We offer single full day trips, all the way to purpose-designed snorkelling camps in many regions of the state.

Surfing is a great way to build up confidence in the water for ages 10+. We offer surfing at a number of locations throughout the state, for all levels of ability including super-beginner and for those who are not confident in the water. Learn how to stay safe in the surf, and eventually stand up on a board for a fun ride!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Do you want calm, scenic photos for seesaw? Perhaps stand up paddle boarding is for your class! Seriously, SUP’ing as an activity within your next school camp is a big one for inspiring students to develop a sense of calm, peace and composure. It’s not about the thrill, it’s about the journey and enjoying each moment. Our instructors focus on these key life skills, and we’ll leave the photos up to you!

Raft building is a great activity for students to really focus on their teamwork skills. It’s not easy to make decisions when everyone in the team has an opinion on how to build the raft. The challenge is to work together to get the job done, and ultimately have an awesome time building a brilliant (or terrible) raft.

Knee Boarding

Knee boarding is a thrilling activity that indeed students love! It’s a challenge in skill, and indeed can be a mental challenge too. Of course, all of our kneeboarding sessions are age-appropriate and generally suit middle and senior year levels. We conduct knee boarding along the Murray River and a number of enclosed flat-water areas within South Australia. 

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