Here at Students Explore Australia, the very heart of what we do is simply creating friendships within student communities. We create friendships and strengthen student communities through delivering camping experiences and day tours to some of South Australia’s most beautiful destinations!

Creating friendships is so important in what we do. When meaningful friendships are developed on camps and tours, it brings a multitude of benefits to so many people. Students can have peer support in study, social life, mental health and more, even when their families may be overseas. Organisations increase retention with a strong student community and attract new students by enhancing the student experience.

Finally, when students develop a friendship with South Australia through a fantastic study experience, they become our brand ambassadors and driving force to attract new students, which is a direct benefit to our State and Federal Government.

Our Services

  Schools and Student Organisations

We work together with organisations to provide camps, tours and day trips to various locations across South Australia and Uluru Ayers Rock. We specialize in showcasing Aussie outback culture, Indigenous culture, creating real bonds and learning through travel.

We can help any organisations, educational or other, put on camps or day experiences!

  Private Groups and Individuals

There are plenty of reasons to come exploring with us! Our prices are very ‘student-friendly’ compared to other tour operators, but we still offer very comfortable and fun experiences. All our camps are fully catered with a private chef and we provide everything you need for the adventure!

We can also happily provide tours for smaller private groups!

Clients and Partners

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