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Here at Students Explore Australia, the very heart of what we do is simply creating friendships within student communities. Now, the friendships we create come in many forms. Our programs will generally focus on building friendships between students and their own educational outcomes, their personal wellbeing and of course friendships with their peers. We create these connections with multi-day tours, camps, day tours, study tours and our unique, student wellbeing program.

The majority of our programs utilise nature, and where possible we like to include concepts that explore Indigenous Australian culture. Our logo is based on Aboriginal iconography, with the circle representing a campsite and place where people come together, and the lines representing the path our students take.

School Camps​

Our South Australian School Camps and Adelaide Hills School Camps offer a wide variety of learning outcomes, and can all be tailored to suit your school group level. We have extensive experience creating school camps in South Australia and the Adelaide Hills – and we are proud to service such a vast range of South Australian schools on their outdoor educational experiences!

Day Programs

Explore Australia with your group, small or large. Our Day Programs can be structured to fit your groups needs, whether that be educational, team-building, or just for fun. With our local knowledge and years of experience, we have a day program for any occasion! Leave the planning to the experts and we will organise a day you won’t forget!

Study Tours​

Students Explore Australia has been a leader of study tour programs in Australia. We have a variety of ‘pre-made’ programs with specific outcomes ranging from improving English language skills to learning about nursing practices in Australian universities. We also have simple study tour programs that teach your student group about Australian culture, or possibly even deciding the right Australian university for them if they are considering studying in Australia in future years.

Student wellbeing program​

Wellbeing programs are an essential part of any school community and are a basic expectation of any parent. Our wellbeing program for schools has been designed to use natural environments to address the general wellbeing of school groups in a directed and evidence-based program. We have modelled our program based on PERMA+ principles, and our program directly supports The Government’s 5 Ways to Wellbeing in Nature campaign.

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