Senior School Camps South Australia

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We offer several of senior school camps in South Australia’s bushlands, river lands, coastlines and in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. Our South Australian senior school camps are designed to be both engaging for students and to help them really understand learning outcomes better in real life. We have no doubt that school who invest in practical experiences for their seniors, allow them the best opportunity to get fantastic results. Our senior school camp itineraries are usually created with a distinct link to specific Australian curriculum outcomes. However, we also offer senior school camps in South Australia that are distinctly designed for school retreats and start of the year school orientation programs. We allow you to choose a custom itinerary to suit your group’s needs and school budget, from our full range of senior school camp activities. We have a fantastic catering team that you’ll love by the end of the camp, or you can DIY catering if that suits your group better. It’s a surprisingly easy process to organise a camp for your senior school group – and we stand by that with a very firm, time-saver guarantee!

Our Time Saver Guarantee for all Senior School Camps in South Australia

We guarantee that our programs for senior schools are the easiest to organise in South Australia. Our industry leading time-saver model provides you with the resources to make organising a camp or excursion quick, simple and effective! We have a tested and proven, step by step model that makes our senior school camps in South Australia require the least administration possible for any senior school camp you will ever have to organise! We do this without making any compromises on safety, catering quality and program quality for your students and staff! Enquire now and get a free program proposal based on your requirements!

Biology Camps for Students

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The biology senior school camp activities we have on offer allow your students to immerse themselves in learning and gain practicals insight into senior level biology. We have locations that offer comfortable bunk house accommodation, or bush camp settings among nature. We have access to a variety of different flora and fauna, sustainable farming projects and water sources. This ensures we’ll have the perfect environment to create an incredible biology focused senior school camp for your class.

Adelaide Hills - Biodiversity and Interconnectedness of Life

Adelaide Hills - maintaining the Internal Environment

Earth and Environmental Science Camps

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We have a great range of earth and environmental science camps in South Australia for senior school groups to choose from. Location matters when studying the Earth and it’s environment, and we’re delighted to have access to some of South Australia’s best land and environments. Enquire now to receive the all the details!

Adelaide Hills - Earth's Energy Transfers and Sustainable Design

Adelaide Hills - Cause and Impact of Earth's Hazards

Adelaide Hills - Living On Earth, Renewable Building Design

Ancient History Camps for Students

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If you’re taking a history class – then you must have some adventurous bone in your body! Learn the history in Indigenous Australians, contemporary Australians or other cultures, and their impacts on our way of life. We really do have a full smorgasbord of options for your classes next senior school history camp in South Australia. Enquire now and let one of team walk you through some awesome camping activities and locations!

Flinders Ranges Indigenous Exploration - Investigating The Ancient World

Flinders Ranges Indigenous Experience - People, Power, Authority

Flinders Ranges Indigenous Exploration - Ancient Societies

Geography Camps for Students

Student Explore Australia

If you’re in charge of a geography senior class, then you must have been camping before, right? We have comfortable and simple bunk accommodation in very interesting geographical locations and remote camping options too. Enquire now, and let us show you what activities we have on offer for senior geography student camps in South Australia.

Adelaide Hills - Sustainable Places, Off Grid Living

Adelaide Hills - Natural and Ecological Hazards

Lower Murray and Coorong - Land Cover Transformations

Outdoor Education Camps

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Outdoor Education is a perfect subject of course to utilise a camp format for learning. Our Outdoor Education senior camps in South Australia offer a variety of adventure activities including mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, rock climbing and much more! If your group prefers less intense activities, we also have orienteering, bush walking and many more activities that link directly with Australian curriculum outcomes. Enquire today!

South Coast Surf Camp

Flinders Ranges Bush Hiking Expedition

Murray River Extended Kayaking Tour

Aquatics Camps for Students

Student Explore Australia

Enjoy freshwater of saltwater as we bring you a great aquatics based camps for your senior class. Our aquatics senior school camps in South Australia offer a number of adventure based activities including kayaking, canoeing, surfing, knee boarding, snorkelling and much more! All our senior school camps are led by qualified instructors. Enquire with us today!

Innes National Park Surf Adventure

Murray River Extended Kayaking Tour

Fleurieu Peninsula Snorkeling

Society and Culture Camps for Students

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Teaching Society and Culture this year? Get in contact with us to see a full range of camp options for your next senior school camp. Society and Culture is a fantastic subject to take a camp for, and our Society and Culture itineraries are second to none! Get in touch with us today.

Flinders Ranges Indigenous Camp

Murray River - Indigenous Communities and Early Settlers

Tourism Camps for Students

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Let your Tourism class enjoy an extended tour, learn how it’s all put together and of course have some fun. Out tourism based senior school camps are usually done with the comfort of indoor bunk houses, as we visit some of South Australia’s most iconic locations. We can tailor a custom tour to your classes needs. Enquire now and ask us how! Get in contact with us to see a full range of camp options for your next senior school camp.

Adelaide Hills - Eco Tourism Business Profile

Kangaroo Island

Flinders Ranges - Indigenous Tourism

Religion Studies Retreats for Students

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Our Religion Studies Retreats offer the opportunity for senior students to visit several places of worship and gain an understanding of different religious practises, belief systems and history within South Australian culture and beyond. All of our Religious Studies camps and retreat activities are tied in directly with Australian Curriculum outcomes. Enquire now for all the details.

Murray River and Coorong - Early Settler Religious Influence

Flinders Ranges - Indigenous Spirituality Within Culture

An Insight Into Buddhism Teachings and Spirituality

How to Organise a Senior School Camp

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A flow chart to help you organize a great school camp

SEA undoubtably provides some of the best Senior School Camps in South Australia. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them for your next senior school camp! Every year we have had a great experience and the quality of our camps is consistently fantastic. Thanks to Geoff and Sarah our regular tour leaders!

Senior Biology Teacher at St Joseph’s School, 2015