How we Help Student Organisations

Here at Students Explore Australia, the very heart of what we do is simply creating friendships within student communities.  Now, the friendships we create come in many forms. We create;

1.  Friendships Between Students and their Education

An important part of programs (particularly for schools) is making sure that students enjoy their education. Our programs are designed to be fun and engaging for students – so that they become friends with learning! We strongly believe that to become truly great learners, students must choose to study. Our programs give students an insight into learning outside of the classroom, and motivate them to achieve!

2.  Friendships Between Students and their Peers

This is likely the most important part of what we do – purely because peers are THE biggest influence on a students life, particularly through their younger adolescent years. It’s crucial for students to have a social network, so that they can enjoy peer support in during their studying years, so that they can feel a sense of belonging, and importantly so they can overcome personal or challenging life experiences with the support of their friends. From an organisational point of view, cohesion within student cohorts increases retention, increases a sense of community and this trickles down to things like better educational outcomes and overall student satisfaction.

3.  Friendships Between Students and their Wellbeing, Specifically by Using Nature

Well, it’s no secret that nature increases positive emotion and wellbeing in adolescents. Nature has proven itself time and time again to be a crucial tool for increasing wellbeing outcomes for people of all ages and backgrounds – one of the many reasons the State governments have invested millions into the 5 Ways to Wellbeing in Nature campaign, which our student programs directly support. Additionally, we work in collaboration with the national authority on youth wellbeing – headspace, to deliver our unique student wellbeing program. 

4.  Friendships Between International Students and Australia

Finally, when students develop a friendship with South Australia through a fantastic study experience, they become our brand ambassadors and driving force to attract new students, which is a direct benefit to our State and Federal Government. Our beautiful country has so much love to give, and our mission is to show all cultures what a great country Australia is, and what a great people we are!

Within all of our experiences, we try to include concepts on Australian Aboriginal culture too. This is our version of an extended, and lifelong acknowledgement of Country – in practise!

We have a fleet of well maintained buses, trailers and plenty of outdoor gear – as well as privately owned accommodation in Adelaide Hills, Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island and much more. If your student organisation requires a fully serviced, all inclusive program, then we can certainly help. Get in contact with us today!

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