About Us

About Us

Here at Students Explore Australia, the very heart of what we do is simply creating friendships within student communities. We create friendships and strengthen student communities through delivering camping experiences and day tours to some of South Australia’s most beautiful destinations!

Creating friendships is so important in what we do. When meaningful friendships are developed on camps and tours, it brings a multitude of benefits to so many people. Students can have peer support in study, social life, mental health and more, even when their families may be overseas. Organisations increase retention with a strong student community and attract new students by enhancing the student experience. Finally, when students develop a friendship with South Australia through a fantastic study experience, they become our brand ambassadors and driving force to attract new students, which is a direct benefit to our State and Federal Government.

Aboriginal and Australian culture are also really important to us, and within our camp experiences we always educate and promote cultural understanding where possible. Many of the new international students that come on tour LOVE hearing about the Aboriginal way of life and experiencing outback Australian culture, and it’s a great way for us to educate about Indigenous Culture, and showcase the beautiful Country we live in.

Our camping experiences showcase destinations such Kangaroo Island, Flinders Ranges, Mount Gambier and Naracoorte, the Murray River and more! Our day tours show off South Australia’s fantastic food and wine regions, stunning beaches and hills and even teach people surfing and Australian beach safety!

Our overnight experiences are always all-inclusive, and we usually take a chef and enjoy hot showers and toilet facilities (it’s really just glamping! :D). This is our way of introducing an authentic Australian past time to those who have never experienced camping before. We also offer custom study tours, outdoor classrooms and extended bush safaris to Uluru and central Australia.

If you like what we are about, be part of the cause and help us to create friendships in your organisation! Contact us today to understand if we can help your student engagement goals with camp experiences or day tours.

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