Outdoor Education Group’s School Camp Programs

Outdoor Education Group is a camp provider in Australia. They aim to help students with their social, emotional and physical wellbeing through engaging activities in dynamic learning environments. Their goal is to empower young people through learning outcomes that best suit your curriculum. They also implement sequential learning programs while maintaining safety protocols through risk management of activities.

School Incursions, Excursions, and Family Recreation

OEG offers centre-based camps in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, and South Australia. You can choose between their on-site camps, which include cabin accommodation and comfortable facilities; or their bush camps which are held in semi-remote bush settings with fewer amenities. Each type of camping can have activities tailored to your curriculum, and allow students to immerse themselves in outdoor adventures.

They also have Multi-Day Journeys that provide experiential learning activities for students. The journey programs typically last 5 days, and are held in national parks across the country. These camps include group catering, activities based on student level, and group accommodation in a semi-wilderness context.

You can also opt for their school incursions and excursions. Whether you decide to hold activities within or outside of your school, you can collaborate with OEG on what activities to organise for your students.

OEG can also collaborate with schools in their Sequences Program – which is a long-term strategy for outdoor education programming offered to students every year. They are also an activity provider for Duke of Edinburgh, which involves challenging courses across Victoria and New South Wales.

If you are looking for a simpler and easier approach to camping, they have Day Camps that guide students through outdoor adventure activities in Camp Wombaroo. These day camps are offered during school holidays in September.

Outdoor Education Group: Campsites Across Australia

Outdoor Education Group offers several camp experiences that teachers or school organisers can choose from. The camp provider can also arrange day camps for families looking into recreational activities over the weekend. You can also hire their camp venues for whatever occasion you want to organise.