Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures

Wilderness Escape Outdoor AdventuresWilderness Escape is a provider of outdoor education programs for students. They offer opportunities for the youth to discover the world around them, reconnect with themselves, foster positive relationships with others, and develop important life skills.

They offer programs where students can get immersive experiences within different locations around South Australia. Wilderness Escape connects nature adventures to a student’s self-development and life experiences. As they foster school-based experiential education, this can help in the foundation of a student’s life.

You will get support in organizing activities that are convenient for both teachers and students. Every aspect of the outdoor activities are taken into consideration and are planned out so that you can focus on following through with activities that are aligned to your curriculum.

Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures Services

Their services include School Camps which teach students the necessary life skills for their personal growth. School camp experiences are designed to have an increasing difficulty for each year level. This sequential learning experience allows students to be exposed to the right level of risk that is related to the peak experience of their age group. It can help students gain the knowledge and skills to take on outdoor experiences with more confidence, and continue that to adulthood.

The sequentials school camp options they have include Wild Child, Wild Hills, Wild Coast, Wild Island, Wild Peaks, and Wild Raw. Every option is catered to different age groups, with a progressive set of challenges.

They also have Day Programs which can be held in school or at different locations around the state. You will be taken to destinations around South Australia for a variety of programs. Transportation can be arranged to and from the destinations. They can also tailor an itinerary for your group, organise logistics, provide catering, and ensure safety protocols. The activities focus on teambuilding, problem solving activities, and games.

School Camp Options

Wilderness Escape can help design your group’s activities through School Camp and Day Programs. The outdoor experience company can form a plan for your students’ experiential learning activities. You can opt for pre-made tour packages or collaborate on a customised activity plan. There’s a dedicated outdoor education manager that can work with your teachers or staff to plan activities for students.