Wirraway Homestead: A Holiday Campsite

Wirraway HomesteadWirraway is a not-for-profit school camp based outside of Strathalbyn, South Australia. They host school camps all throughout the year, which provide opportunities for students to experience outdoor activities on 180 acres of countryside. They’ve designed accommodation for students to experience what it’s like to live in an “Australian settler” setting. Their school camps are fully programmed and catered, for the convenience of student groups.

School Camp Programs in Wirraway

Activities in Wirraway include horseback riding, low-ropes course, archery, rock climbing tower, sheep herding, bushwalking, and indoor games. It gives students a place to learn more about themselves through outdoor activities.

You can choose between 3 or 5-day camps. The camps are fully staffed throughout your stay. Wirraway can work with you on the activities you want to implement during the camp. You can choose to have team-building activities with sheep, or have games based on rock climbing, bush walking, whip cracking, archery, ropes course, and so much more.

School camps allow a minimum group size of 40 students, and a maximum of 85 students. You may negotiate with the Wirraway team if your student group is less or more than their required group size.

Wirraway holiday camps, called ‘Musters’, are held during school holidays. It’s open for children 10 years old and up. The age ranges for their camps include 10-12 year olds, 12-15 year olds, and 13-18 year olds. For Musters, they offer activities such as horseback riding, low-ropes course, rock climbing, sheep mustering, mini golf, archery, 8-ball, swimming, foosball, table tennis, hiking, concerts, and team building games.

They also have trained volunteers who work as bunkhouse leaders to provide encouragement and support to students. Wirraway also has an in-house cook who prepares meals all throughout the day.

The Wirraway Homestead Experience

Wirrayaway is a school holiday campsite, just 60 km away from Adelaide. The staff on site have qualifications to organise and run school camps. The Wirraway team themselves organise all activities, catering, and full camp programs. All the Wirraway staff have Christian beliefs, and this reflects in their care for guests and the environment.