Woodhouse Activity Centre

A 15-minute ride away from the city is Woodhouse Activity Centre – an outdoor destination that has adventure facilities. You can come here with family, friends, or student groups as they offer a variety of camp packages and services. Woodhouse Activity Centre is owned and operated by Scouts SA. As the “cellar door for Scouting,” the activity centre helps you experience what it’s like being a Scout. The place offers opportunities for learning life skills and experiencing nature. For school groups looking into having students gain Scout skill sets, they can use the place to extend their curriculum from the classroom to the outdoors.

Stay & Play In Woodhouse Activity Centre

Woodhouse has packages that can suit your needs and budget. You can choose to use their facilities from 9AM to 5PM, or have an overnight stay in their available accommodations. The onsite activities you can do within a day range from man-made to nature excursions. They have a Challenge Hill, which is an obstacle course for team building and skills development. They also have The Labyrinth, which is a split-level maze where group organisers can include quizzes and riddles. There is also disc golf, tube slides, bouldering, hiking trails, and laser skirmish that can accommodate both children and adults. They also have orienteering activities that vary in length from 1.6 to 2.8 kilometres. Participants can learn basic map reading and navigational skills to find posts around the area that spell a special answer, or match photos with the correct checkpoints. Woodhouse provides experience-based group accommodation in Adelaide Hills. They have small and large options for group accommodation, as well as an area for tent camping and caravans. For big groups, they have the Old Woodhouse Manor, Rymill Centre, and Hooper Bunkhouse. Each accommodation has WiFi, self-catering kitchens, communal dining rooms, and activity spaces. For couples and family getaways, they have three cabins available for overnight stays. The cabins have a combined kitchen and dining space. A private shower and toilet can be found adjacent to the Chalet. For those who want to go camping, Woodhouse provides a space for campers to set up tents or guests who come in caravans. They have different rates for children, adults, or entire families.

School Camp Packages

For teachers and school organisers, Woodhouse has four camp packages that can cater to your planned activities and budget. They have a Bronze Camp Package where you have complete control in catering and teacher-led activities. For their Silver Camp Package, they can provide the catering while you focus on organising the activities. For the Gold Camp Package, Woodhouse can provide the catering, facilitate team building activities, and organise three other activities while you handle other teacher-led activities. The Ultimate Camp Package allows the Woodhouse team to organise everything for you – from catering, full program, and facilitating activities. Every package has different rates, which will depend on the number of people, included activities, catering, and need for staff to facilitate.