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Archery is a fun, engaging and hands-on activity that develops concentration, relaxation skills and composure! After a spending a half day shooting students can feel a sense of calm almost akin to an active meditation. There are many life lessons to be learn’t from archery, and we recommend the activity for school groups that want to develop students practical experience in becoming relaxed, dealing with anxiety and stress and breathing. Meditation can sometimes be a bit boring and disengaging for students – archery is the answer to develop these same practical skill sets, but in a much more fun way!

Archery Program

Archery Styles

There are many different styles of archery – from the regular target shooting that we are all familiar with, to ‘field’ archery and ‘clout’ archery. We have partnerships with archery ranges across SA that allow our student groups to experience this wide variety of shooting types. This allows schools to choose if they wish to go hiking in a bush setting with their bow and arrows, and find targets among the trees (conducted in small groups) or if they wish to be part of a simple traditional target shooting session. Field archery is more common for school camps in high schools, where we take challenges to the next level and physical fitness counts!

Archery Technique

We have access to recurve, compound and even longbows that students can experience. The techniques for each different bow vary only slightly, however students will discover that small changes to technique can make a big difference. Students will learn proper ways to hold the bows, draw the bows and proper stance. 

Paired with instructions about equipment, students may be inspired to get out to a local club and take up the hobby themselves – we have had students do this in the past, who are now active members of their clubs! 


Of course, when teachers think about ‘shooting’ it’s natural to think about safety aspects of archery. The truth is, archery is very safe when you have the right instructors, giving the right advice, with the right equipment and settings.  

We encourage archery for self and personal development, however we have in the past turned archery into a team sport with a range of collaborative games and challenges on the range.  

Enquire today and we can walk you through some options including dedicated archery camps, or single sessions that you can add into your extended school camp program!

How To Book The Archery School Camp