Indigenous Culture School Camps

Working closely with many different mobs and Indigenous language groups across South Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory, we have access to some incredible Indigenous cultural experiences for students! The experiences we can provide for students through our school camp programs are unique and often not accessible to general public. We travel to many different areas, and hence have relationships with many different Indigenous Mobs. We work closely with Aboriginal groups in the Flinders Ranges, Adelaide Plains, Coorong and Murray River, Yorke Peninsula, Mount Gambier, Grampians, Great Ocean Road and more! Specifically, we have ties with the following Indigenous groups:

  • Nukunu
  • Narangga
  • Ngarrindjeri
  • Baundig
  • Andyamathanha
  • Djab Wurrung and Jardwardjali

Ultimately, the reason we include Indigenous learning is because it naturally aligns with our core purpose to “Connect Young People with Nature, to Improve the Wellbeing of Australia’s Next Generation”. Who better to learn from about nature, than our Australian Indigenous brothers and sisters who have been physically and spiritually connected with Country for over 60,000 years.

Indigenous Culture Camp Experience in South Australia

Bush Tucker Tastings

A fun and very interesting session where students get to taste some of the delicious, unusual (and sometimes challenging) bush tucker that the local Inidgenous people used to eat. Our guides give students the facts, and highlight that indeed McDonalds wasn’t on every corner thousands of years ago – the land provided all the nourishment that was needed – if you knew what to look for.

Cooking Kangaroo Tail Tasting

A special treat, as we work with cultural groups that help us to prepare and taste some kangaroo tail. Discover what is so special about the kangaroo tail for Indigenous people, and of course try some yourself! A delicious campfire cooked treat melts-in-your-mouth, and very sticky on your fingers! More than just a tasting, students hear stories and learn the correct way to prepare the tail in a fire-side demonstration.

Dreamtime Story Telling

Critical to passing on culture, dreamtime stories are a way for Indigenous people to pass on their knowledge from their ancestors. As the next generation, students’ groups are told dreaming stories from local mobs in areas where our programs are held. Of course, we accompany this session with cultural Q & A, and other cultural activities too. 

Flinders Ranges School Camp Aboriginal Cultural Dance

Cultural Dance

Dance is another important way for Indigenous people to pass on their culture, and was often used in ceremonies. Students on our school camps will learn the deeper meanings behind some of the dance performances we see – both traditional Indigenous dance and contemporary. Of course, students can get up and getting shaking themselves too, as they learn some dance moves around the campfire and under the stars.

Wood Carving and Boomerang Making

If your students love hands-on, interactive activities and would love something to take home, then wood carving and boomerang making workshops are a great option! Usually done over a couple of hours and combined with dreamtime storytelling, wood carving allows students to learn about Inidgenous ways of life and the Aboriginies deep connection to nature.

Weaving and Dot Painting

A brilliant activity for all age groups! We have seen some magnificent art come from students that is now proudly displayed in schools. Our Indigenous cultural guides show us the correct techniques and importantly tell us about the importance of painting and weaving art, for preserving culture. We touch on the history and how Indigenous people used to paint, their materials and their many different canvases they used for artwork.

Booking an Indigenous Themed School Camp:

Feedback about our Indigenous Themed Camps

“Have participated in a number of trips with SEA and thoroughly enjoyed the professionalism and organisation of each trip. It’s great to learn and be immersed in a truly unique Australian experience and especially wonderful to learn about Nukunu culture. A must do for any local or international students!”

James Taylor – Outdoor Education Teacher, SA