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When we talk about ‘personal development’ there is a huge range of topics we can talk about. Our school camp programs seek to develop students’ abilities specifically in the areas of resilience, management of stress and anxiety, leadership, teamwork and communication, and physical wellbeing. We have also have dedicated wellbeing programs too, they can found on this page: School Wellbeing Programs.

There is undoubtedly merit to developing student’s personal capabilities outside the classroom, and our activities make learning these skill sets a blast for any student groups! Theory is great, and it’s important, but ultimately research has found that physically participating in activities that progress these skill sets will help students to retain information and engage these skills after our sessions.

Personal Development Programs For Students

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There are a number of activities that help to build resilience among students on our school camps. Specifically, we encourage activities like bush walking, that allow students to be pushed outside their comfort zone so they can ‘reach the top’ and gain a sense of achievement. Same goes for abseiling and rock climbing, where students may have some fears initially, but with encouragement and belief, they can build up confidence to persevere and accomplish tasks they thought they may not have been able to. There are many activities that build resilience for students – get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through the best resilience focused activities for your group.

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Anxiety and Stress Management

All students will experience some degree of stress and some degree of anxiety – it’s healthy and it’s normal! Our activities encourage students to be able to identify anxiety and stress by giving them opportunities to challenge themselves in a fun and hands on way. Our instructors specifically facilitate group encouragement and ultimately set students up for success in these ‘challenge by choice’ activities. It’s not just about participating in physical activities, students learn the lessons behind the activities and how to use these techniques

Leadership Activities

Our school camp programs can be run with a leadership focus, that allows all students to have an opportunity to lead. Ultimately, it can be a student-run camp in many ways, with designated roles and responsibilities that change each day. Students can conduct briefings with their teams, and participate in challenges including raft building, team orienteering, leading kayaking and hiking routes and much more. Being a confident leader also requires students to step into the shoes of followers, and understand how the team they lead, feels. This promotes strong leaders with great awareness.

Team Building

Team building is a classic skill that is so condusive to an outdoor education environment! A huge range of activities can promote team building, including activities such as team raft building, journey hiking in expeditions, team kayaks, beach olympics activities and much more. On your next school camp program, ask us to make sure to put in team building activities specifically relevant to your student’s age group. Any of our team will gladly talk to you about team building activity options.

Physical Wellbeing

Well it goes without saying that getting outdoors promotes physical wellbeing. The vast majority of our programs have a component of physical fitness evident, however not all programs need to be. Additionally, our catering crew do an aweosme job to make healthy meals that students actually like – and we can say with years of experience that this isn’t easy! Playing and learning outdoors, eating healthy and breathing fresh air are all part of the lesson that student’s get to experience while on our school camp programs!

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