Tasmania Study Tours

Students Explore Australia is proud to partner with the University of Tasmania to offer study tours for middle and high school students interested in pursuing their university studies in the state. Our highly customisable study tours lets students experience all aspects of university life on and off campus, from accommodation and classroom tours, to sporting events and leisure activities. Whether you’re sitting in at a lecture, coming face-to-face with the natural wildlife, or simply going out on a night in the town, you will be sure to enjoy your time in Tasmania. All these experiences are to ensure that you are given the information to make wise decisions about where and how you will start your journey as a university student. You will also get the chance to interact with members of the university community so you can ask all the important questions about life for students in your chosen field of study, both on and off campus. Tours are available for school groups and individual families and can be customised to each student’s own needs and interests.

Universities Available for Study Tours