Camps For Schools

Students Explore Australia has a wide range of school camp programs that cater to students from primary school all the way to senior high school. We have served numerous school groups on their outdoor educational experiences, and specifically tailor programs to match requested learning outcomes for your classes. We have different camp locations across South Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory with each location offering something unique and exciting for student groups. In our school camps, students and even teachers get to have enriching learning experiences to treasure after the program. At the end of a day full of activities, teachers are treated to creature comforts, and students also get to enjoy comfortable facilities.

Our Aim For Participants

Here at Students Explore Australia, we actively foster lasting friendships between students and their peers. We also help students nurture a positive connection with their wellbeing, a connection with their own education and a connection with the natural world around them. 

We encourage students to have a positive relation with their education through programs that are designed to be fun and engaging. Our programs help students find happiness in learning – which can motivate them in their studies and help them find passion areas. As a result of these fun educational activities, our camps for schools lead to students building a positive relationship with their own learning. 

Nurturing friendships between students and their peers is also a hugely important part of what we do. We help students get a sense of belonging and create a supportive social network for themselves, which is crucial in their self-development.

Additionally, our unique wellbeing programs allow students to experience the mental and emotional benefits of connecting with nature. Our wellbeing program directly addresses the 4 elements of the Personal and Social Capabilities – as outlined in the Australian Curriculum. These elements are: Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Social Management.

Why Choose Students Explore Australia For Your School Camps

Wide Variety of School Camp Experiences: We offer school camp packages for Primary School, Middle School, High School and Senior School levels. We organise experiential-based programs that focus on Indigenous culture, personal development including leaderships and resilience programs, and outdoor adventure activities that students would normally not be able to access. We can assist you in choosing the right activities from over literally hundreds of options. This means you can get a fully customised camp program that best suits your requirements, or you can simply choose one of our many pre-made camp programs that can slot right into your year.

Experience the Best of South Australia: Your school groups will certainly enjoy some of our iconic camp locations around South Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory. You could enjoy visiting lush environments and inspiring scenery in the the Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island, Yorke Peninsula, Great Ocean Road, Uluru and West Macdonnell Ranges, Murray River, and so much more!

We’ve Got You Covered: Our school camps are the easiest to organise in South Australia! We can manage the logistics, catering, activities and safety for your entire group so you can focus on teaching students in class. We have a foolproof step-by-step model that makes our camp programs incredibly time-efficient for teachers to organise.

Our Locations

We have different camp locations across South Australia that allow your students to experience the richness of nature! You get to enjoy a variety of planned activities at these amazing destinations in our school camps:

  • Kangaroo Island
  • York Peninsula
  • Fleurieu Peninsula
  • Naracoorte Caves and Mt Gambier
  • The Coorong and Lower Murray Lakes
  • Upper Murray and Lakes
  • Uluru and West Macdonnell Ranges
  • Great Ocean Rd and Grampians

An Overview of the Programs We Offer

School Camps in South Australia: Our school camps create a holistic experience for students as we extend classroom learning to the outdoors. Our camps are specifically tailored for each year level, which make them highly engaging for every school group. Students will discover how fun it is to learn common school subjects, experience great social support, and go adventuring in iconic locations around South Australia and beyond.

Primary School Camps: Our school camps for primary school students are designed to follow link in well with Australian curriculum outcomes – but don’t always need to. We aim to make camps fun and engaging to help students build confidence in learning, and also develop lifelong friendships with their peers. We offer camps that focus on primary school science, health and PE, HASS, Visual Arts, Dance, and Indigenous Music.

Middle School Camps: We have dozens of middle school camp activities that your student group will surely enjoy. Our programs are also based on specific Australian curriculum outcomes, including our wellbeing program and cultural sightseeing tours. We have some great HASS focused camps that offer bunk style accommodation or camping, and access to some incredible Inidgenous cultural sites. Your students can also get a good understanding of commerce and the local economy as we work with many local businesses and can give students an insider’s perspective.

High School Camps: Our camp programs for high school students are perfect for annual orientation activities, school retreats, or simple student engagement. You get to choose camp locations around bush lands, river lands, coastlines or local settings near Adelaide. We help you choose the right activities from the many available options. Our high school camps can also be based on subjects such as Science, Health and PE, History and Geography, and Work Studies.

Senior School Camps: Our school camps for senior year students can also be designed for school retreats or orientation programs. The camps can vary between subjects such as Biology, Earth and Environmental Science, Society and Culture, Religion, Ancient History, and Geography. We also have Outdoor Education Camps that include adventure activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, rock climbing, and so much more. There are also Aquatic Camps for students that dive into activities like snorkelling, canoeing, and knee boarding. We also have camps for your Tourism Class where students get to visit tourist hotspots in South Australia and meet with local tourism operators to get the insider story about their tourism-based ventures. 

How to Organise a Great Student Camp:

Student Explore Australia
A flow chart to help you organize a great school camp