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Resilience Programs in Schools

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The resilience programs we offer for schools are a great way for students to learn how to deal with life’s inevitable challenges. As a school principle or school teacher, you play a significant part in shaping the future of your students. Our resilience programs for schools are informative, fun and offer expert advice from the masters of youth wellbeing – headspace. Our school resilience program breaks mental health taboo’s, promotes positive wellbeing and develops your student community to soften the impact of study stress and equip students to learn ways of bouncing back from hard times in their life.

Your school group will be able to understand the symptoms of poor mental wellbeing in themselves, and better know what to do to when they see these signs in their peer group. This program enables students to become champions of their own resilience and grow a community of resilient leaders in your school. Resilience programs in schools are essential to developing a positive culture for student wellbeing.

headspace, our resilience program partners provide fantastic student focused resources and present techniques and skill sets that students can immediately use, while we take students out into nature!

Using Nature for Resilience Programs in Schools

We now know, beyond a doubt, that being in nature has a strong positive effect on youth mental resilience. Our Government has invested heavily to try and encourage people to use nature to develop their resilience and mental wellbeing – the 5 Ways to Wellbeing in Nature is one of those campaigns that our resilience program for schools directly supports. On top of this, our resilience program is modelled around the PERMA+ resilience and wellbeing based framework that commonly taught in schools Australia wide. See the full structure of our school resilience program below, or simply enquire with us now.

The Structure of our Resilience Programs in Schools

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Our resilience programs in schools can be undertaken in a full single day experience, or over several days in a camping based format. We can also mix these two methods and do a multi-day extended program, but in local environments and without the overnight component. 

In either option, we start the resilience program on the first morning with an introductory session held by headspace, usually at a headspace centre near your school. This doubles as a way to show your students their nearest support centre outside of school, while also showing students what services are accessible for free. 

Once we finish up at headspace, our resilience program takes students into nature and challenges them to build resilience using the morning’s concepts. It’s not designed to be easy – it’s designed to be worthwhile!

Our camping based format allows students to challenge themselves on a deeper level, and contribute to a group camping setup. Campfire nights are great for facilitated group reflection on resilience-based concepts, and they’re also great for marshmallows! Our resilience program itineraries highlight PERMA+ principles, so that your students come away from our resilience program with the right strategies and mindset!

On our single day experiences, we also use nature-based challenges to develop confidence and apply our resilience learning to our activities.

We provide: catering, group transport, risk management documentation, itinerary creation and full contingency plans, pre-develop documents for your excursion application, team leaders and activity facilitators, camping gear and accommodation, post-camp program session outlines… everything!

Your Role in Improving School Resilience!

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Principals and Teachers: You don’t have to have special powers to significantly improve a person’s life. With poor resilience in young people becoming a larger problem year after year, you may feel pressure from student’s parents or from yourself, to rise up as a school leader and take charge. By addressing the gap in resilience education in your school’s programs, you are not only meeting the expectations of parents and building a positive school culture, but most importantly you are improving the lives of students in a very impactful way!

Parents: If you are concerned about your child’s resilience and the programs (or lack of) in your school – then we encourage you to speak up. Talk to your school and encourage them to look into resilience programs in schools such as ours or others. If your child struggles with wellbeing and resilience, then no doubt others in the school will as well! Show your school this webpage, email them or call them and see if they rise to the challenge.

Leading Contributors to Resilience Programs for Schools

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In delivering resilience programs for schools, we collaborate with many resilience champions. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help your school to develop and ongoing resilience program for students.

Create a Powerful Resilience Program Today!

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