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Science and Health Study Tours

Students Explore Australia understands that science is an important part of the Australian education curriculum. Our science and health study tours are designed to compliment what students are already learning in the classroom, with hands-on experiences of scientific concepts.

Our tours are more than just opportunities for fun, but vehicles for learning more about Australia’s natural environment. We expect our participants to experience the power of nature in their own way by seeing how important concepts in biology, physics and chemistry work together to shape the world around them. This in turn teaches them to think critically about their own impact on the ecosystem.

Whether they’re kayaking through rivers, observing Indigenous healing practices, or exploring the high-tech lab facilities of top universities, our science and health study tour participants get an up-close experience of science, that goes beyond what can be learnt in books and classrooms.

Why Choose Us For Your Science and Health Study Tours

Students Explore Australia can handle science and health study tours anywhere in Australia. We can customise your tours to fit your needs and make arrangements with schools and other science and health organizations to accommodate you. We can even arrange for transport, accommodation and even food! Just let us know what you need, and we’ll help you plan the rest! 

Study Tour Locations Across Australia

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