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For several years, Students Explore Australia has been a leader of study tour programs in Australia. We have ‘pre-made’ study tour programs in Australia ranging from specific outcomes such as improving English language skills to learning about nursing practises in Australian universities. We even have simple a study tour programs that teach your student group about Australian culture, or possibly even deciding the right Australian university for them if they are considering studying in Australia in future years. 

Our study tour programs are offered in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide and we can happily arrange homestay accommodation or private accommodation for your student group. We have a range of partnerships with educational organisation, schools and high ranking universities so that we can deliver study tours in almost any subject you wish. Our partner organisations specialise in delivering technical content and have industry experience in the area of learning your group is interested in, and we offer certificates of completion with our partner logo’s included. We simply organise the study tour schedule, accommodation, social activities, staff, catering, group transport and of course all safety aspects of the study tour in Australia.

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We are happy to organise homestay study tours, or study tours with private accommodations. Both have benefits and downsides, but usually student groups prefer private accommodation because it is easier to organise and there is much more flexibility for activities. Click below to see the full information for homestays study tours and private accommodation study tours, or get in contact with us today!

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Our Australian study tour programs are usually 7 days, 14 days or 1 month in duration. We can also create custom duration study tours that can meet your student group’s requirements for their school holiday periods. Kindly click the information below to find out all the details, or simply enquire today to speak to an Australian study tour expert.

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We work with high ranking schools, universities and other well respected educational organisation to bring your students the BEST possible and highly specialised study tour experiences. If you have a particular school, university or organisation you want to work with, contact us today and we can organise a collaboration with them.

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