Study Tours at The University of Adelaide

Students Explore Australia, a study tour company that offers a variety of programs for high school and middle school students to explore Australian history, culture, and education, has led the field for several years. The study tour itinerary is customizable and can be tailored to meet the interests and preferences of the group. As we have grown, we have partnered with several organizations, schools, and universities such as the University of Adelaide. It is the third oldest University in the country, with four study located throughout South Australia. The University offers degrees across five faculties: arts, engineering, computer and mathematical sciences, health and medical sciences and the professions.

Exploring Australian Culture

On the study tour, students see top universities and experience Australian culture at the same time. Students can participate in any cultural activity they would like, as well as see famous sights and enjoy them in the same way locals do.

Making The Right Choice For Higher Education Programs

Students on study tours can go on-study for visits to study, including the University of Adelaide. This will provide the learners with a complete picture of college life. Visits allow students to ask questions, interact with other prospective students and understand their desired program on a deeper level. If they wish to proceed with schooling in Australia, touring the university and knowing their admissions can help guide their college search direction. They can explore fields spanning arts, engineering, computer and mathematical sciences, health and medical sciences and the professions at The University of Adelaide.

Assessing Suitable Options For Long-Term Housing

Finding suitable accommodation is among the most critical decisions students make when preparing for university. With this, there are several housing options in Australia that we can show to prospective students. The group can visit University-managed student accommodation, other managed student accommodation, or private and shared housing. During the study tour, we make sure that students and their families have the information they need to help with their search for colleges.

Experience A Comprehensive Learning Environment For Students

Students can experience reality outside of the classroom by embarking on study tours. This allows them to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-life situations. We know that students are interested in discovering Australia’s culture, including cultural activities and sightseeing. We can bring them to meet the charismatic wildlife, such as kangaroos and koalas or wander around Adelaide’s famous parks. In addition, students can visit the cultural precinct of North Terrace, which has museums, preserved historical gems and galleries, and indulge in local cuisines afterward. Through our study tours, we encourage students to learn about the place and expand their cultural awareness.

Get To Know Other Universities

With our long-standing partnerships with many leading private and public schools in Australia, we are able to provide our students with immersion study tours that are second to none. Here is a list of universities we have partnered with that you may want to include in your itinerary:

The University of Adelaide

We offer flexible study tours for The University of Adelaide that allow the students to explore the Australian educational system more in-depth. The University of Adelaide, ranked in the top 1% of the world’s universities, is recognized globally as a leading research university. We can visit on-study facilities such as their learning spaces, Barr Smith Library, fitness hub, or writing and math learning centre during the study tour. Students can explore their broad range of academic fields in the different programs such as arts, business, science, health and computer science, along with first-hand experience of their vibrant study culture.

Our Collaboration

We partner with the University of Adelaide and other academic institutions to deliver a comprehensive Australian learning experience. Authentic cultural stay tours are backed by our team of tour guides, buses, and itinerary designs, all of which are dedicated to providing your students with a memorable educational experience.

We offer study tour programs for student groups or for families with children interested in discovering what university education is like in Australia. Technical content, theme, activities, and duration of the program can all be customized.

Business, Leadership and Management

Students who want to become business leaders in the future can spark their interest more in the field during the study tour. We can arrange on-study lectures taught by lecturers to prime the students for leadership in todays business world. They can also undergo hands-on projects that challenge students to think strategically, innovatively and flexibly. It allows them to know different business majors, such as management, international business, digital marketing and communications. Alternatively, it could also be through industry-based visits with professionals introducing how the industry works.

Science and Health

Students who want to pursue health careers and intend to make a difference in the lives of others can explore the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences in the university. We can tour them around the purpose-built building, interact with students and health researchers. The group can also observe how Adelaide Health Simulation works, which lets them feel what it’s like to be in a vibrant and innovative environment where learning and discovery work.

Arts, Design and Creative

This study tour program can expand students’ interests in the broad and vital study of history, society, culture and creativity. We take them out and around the Faculty of Arts and experience a modern learning program taught with a global perspective during our arranged lectures. Students will have the opportunity to gain insight into the possible career paths and their arts degrees so they can make informed decisions concerning their higher education.

How to Book A Study Tour

Find Other Programs

Students Explore Australia offers customizable study tours of the University of Adelaide for students seeking to explore their education programs. Students can tour the university’s facilities, such as their studio spaces for the performance disciplines and digital display systems. They can also attend lectures where facilitators teach students with a real-world perspective.  It also allows observation on how their fellow students acquire relevant skills that they will apply in the workplace.