Study Tours at Torrens University Australia

The study tour program provider, Students Explore Australia, has been leading the field for several years with programs suitable for high school and middle school students who want to delve into the Australian educational and cultural environment.  Through the years, we have partnered up with educational organizations, schools and high-ranking universities, such as Torrens University Australia (TUA). TUA is one of the country’s fastest-growing international universities, with four study across the country. They offer high-quality courses in business, design and creative technology, health and other specializations.

Exploring Australian Culture

Student Explore Australia wants to enrich students with a holistic learning experience. With this, we create and tailored-fit study tour programs for you. We can modify this depending on your group’s desired learning outcomes and cultural activities that the group wishes to do while they are in Australia.

Selecting the Best Higher Education Program

Study tour groups pave the way for students to acquire experiential learning by exposing them to different environments, which gives them a deeper understanding of people, places and situations. Visiting the purpose-built study of Torrens University Australia in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane or Melbourne can help students achieve this.

Their flexible hybrid study options are backed up by their industry-experienced lecturers and learning facilitators that the students can attend during the tour. There are also various real-world skills and knowledge-based courses that students can choose from if they want to pursue higher education in the country.

Exploring Suitable Long-Term Housing Options

If students are looking for a long-term stay in Australia for schooling, we can arrange the itinerary touring different housing accommodation. Students can explore university-managed student dwellings that provide international students the ideal study-life balance. Your options range from private rental or share houses, homestay, residential colleges or youth hostels. We can also check out accommodation partnered with Urbanest Student Accommodation to cater to international students under 18. For your housing during the study tour, we can handle the arrangements for your group to suit your needs, just let us know.

Comprehensive Learning Experience For A Student

Students Explore Australia knows that students want to explore more than the educational system of Australia. For that, we include activities and sightseeing that let learners discover the country and Adelaide. The flexibility in our study tour programs can make time available to explore the vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage, just like how locals do. We can take the study group to get sporty by watching AFL and see the heritage architectural buildings. Students can also bond with nature, koalas and other Australian native animals at the Cleland Conservation Park. By immersing themselves in foreign cultures or volunteering in the local community, they can improve their social skills, while gaining cross-cultural understanding.

Get To Know Our Partnered Organisations

Students Explore Australia works with qualified universities, schools and other well-respected educational organisations. It allows us to bring your students the best possible study tour experience they can ever have.  Below is our partnering universities that students can choose to visit during their tour.

Torrens University Australia

We are delighted to deliver customizable study tours in collaboration with Torrens University Australia. TUA has a growing reputation as an international university and as one of the top online business schools in the country. Students on study tours can explore the university’s education program, purpose-built facilities and be exposed to their unique, careers-focused perspective on higher education. Students can join lectures based on an industry-led curriculum taught by facilitators with real-world industry expertise. Through this, they can definitely get a taste of how Australia’s educational system works.


Our Collaboration

In partnership with Torrens University Australia and other leading universities, Student Explore Australia gives students a complete authentic Australian student experience. Students are exposed to an environment that combines academic content with experiential learning. These are enriching, life-changing experiences that students keep throughout their professional careers.

Every tour’s activities and content aligns with your desired academic theme. All study tour programs are customizable dependent on your learning expectations. All are suitable for student groups and families with children interested in finding out more about the Australian educational system and cultural environment.

Business, Leadership and Management

Students who wish to take up business and management courses can genuinely gain the founding knowledge at TUA. During the tour, you can join arranged lectures to develop a thorough grasp of marketing, economics, finance, technology and more. This will be a chance to interact with students taking up the course and acquire insights to build your course expectations. You can never go wrong with a university that ranked in CEO Magazine’s 2021 Global MBA Rankings as number 27 globally.

Science and Health

If you want to explore the different science and health fields, you can check out TUA’s  Practice Wellbeing Centre (available at some study) during the study tour. This is a student-led clinic offering holistic health and wellbeing services for clients at an affordable price. Students can try the services offered, specializing in beauty therapy, complementary medicine, counselling, nutrition or interview their staff. Students get to observe their fellow students shifting from theoretical to experiential learning in a conducive environment.

Arts, Design and Creative

Students desiring to combine their creative talents with practical and technical skills to build a career can explore TUA’s design courses and purpose-built facilities. Learn design thinking principles and techniques to ace in various industries, including fashion, interior design, graphic design, animation, film and web design. Study tour participants will be able to broaden their horizons regardless of whether they are interested in the philosophical side of the arts or have the ability to create something using their skills.

How to Book A Study Tour

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Students Explore Australia offers customizable study tours of Torrens University Australia for students seeking to explore their education programs. Students can tour the university’s facilities, such as their studio spaces and modern purpose-built facilities. They can attend lectures where facilitators teach students with a real-world perspective.  It also allows observation on how their fellow students acquire relevant skills that they will apply in the workplace.