Study Tours at the University of South Australia

At Students Explore Australia, we partner with different universities throughout Australia to offer a variety of study tour programs. These programs provide students who are interested in studying in Australia with an immersive experience of what student life in Australia will be like. We can help organize a variety of customizable study tour programs, including learning English study tours, school immersion study tours, sports study tours and Australian cultural experiences, to name a few.

One university that we’ve partnered with is the University of South Australia (UniSA), which is ‌one of the premier schools in the country. UniSA has developed a reputation over the years for its culture of creativity and innovation and has received recognition and accolades, including being ranked 29th in the QS World’s Top 50 Under 50 in 2021 and 46th in the Times Higher Education 2022 Young University Rankings.

Founded in 1991, UniSA offers over 200 degrees in a wide range of disciplines, including information technology, business, law, engineering, and much more. They’ve also partner with over 2,100 businesses across industries to provide students with workshops, lectures, networking opportunities, internships, job placements and more. With their prestige, students during study tours can really gain knowledge, experience, and meet new people.

Exploring Australian Culture

An important part of student life is the experience students have outside the classroom. We can organize a variety of tours to introduce students to all facets of Australian culture, from living on a university study, to exploring the Australian beaches and much more. By taking part in one of our tour programs, students will learn more about what life will be like should they choose to attend UniSA. Not only can we set up both study tours and recreational tours, but we can also take care of accommodations on your behalf. With that in mind, the following are a few examples of how students can benefit from our tours.

Learn About Top Universities' Higher Education Programs

Learning more about what Australian universities, such as UniSA, ‌offer will go a long way in helping students decide whether to attend school abroad. We have partnered with the UniSA to offer a variety of study tours that will give prospective students actual experience learning about the  education programs. For example, we have a school immersion study tour that pairs prospective students up with an existing student at the school. The prospective student will tag along with their “buddy” to all of their classes for up to five days.

Touring Different Housing Options

Here at Students Explore Australia, we can organize a variety of accommodation that cater to the needs of the group. For example, we can set up homestay accommodation as well as private accommodation. We can also set students up at different accommodation centres, such as student housing for UniSA students. Getting to know what housing will be like while going to school in Australia is important in making prospective students feel comfortable being away from home.

A Holistic Student Experience Enriched With Australian Culture

Student life goes beyond the classroom, which is why we organize tours that also focus on Australian culture. Our tours will help give prospective students an idea of what they can do with their spare time outside of school, something that’s essential to living a balanced life. For example, we offer sports study tours that introduce prospective students to some of the country’s most popular sports, such as football and tennis. We can even organize a trip to a sporting event, such as an Australian Football League game.

We also put together sightseeing trips and immersive activities focusing on Australian cultural experiences, such as going to the beach, going camping, learning to surf and more. Finally, we can organize volunteer trips to various partner organizations and set up visits with different employers to gain insight into Australia’s working culture.

Get To Know Other Universities

If you’re interested in exploring another institution, we have partnerships with several other universities near UniSA. We can customize a tour for your group that includes additional universities in South Australia, such as Flinders University, Torrens University Australia and The University of Adelaide.

University of South Australia

Students interested in enrolling at UniSA can sign up for one of our tour programs to visit any of their study and experience what college life is like first-hand. As part of the tour, we can organize a visit to the teaching facilities and the student spaces, during which prospective students will learn more about the university’s programs and student services. We can also tailor the tour to include a specialized experience allowing students to explore some of the university’s study options. These specialized experiences can include business workshops and presentations, creative workshops and experiences, health sciences activities and lectures, justice and society experiences, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) experiences.

Our Collaboration

If your student group is interested in attending UniSA or any of the other universities that we collaborate with, we can help tailor a tour program to your needs by arranging accommodation, setting up study tours, organizing catering, providing group transport, organizing social activities and even delivering technical content. The following are a few examples of degree programs at UniSA that we can tailor your study tour.

Science and Health

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in environmental and public health sciences will be happy to know that UniSA is the biggest and most diverse provider of health industry graduates. They were also ranked as the number one university in South Australia for both work-ready graduates in environmental science and student satisfaction in health. As part of our study tour program, students can tour the university’s health science facilities and join lectures, and participate in hands-on activities.

Business, Leadership and Management

UniSA gives students a firm foundation in core business studies and gives them the opportunity to pursue a major in 11 specialty business areas, including Marketing, Banking and Finance, Financial Risk Management, International Trade, Accounting and more. As part of our study tours, we can partner up prospective students with current students who are taking business, leadership and management courses so that they can sit in on some of these classes.

Arts, Design and Creative Studies

Although well-known for its business, science and health programs, UniSA is also widely respected for its arts, design and creative studies. Prospective students who visit UniSA Creative to explore their options by participating in lectures and activities that focus on performing arts, creative writing, screen studies and more.

How to Book A Study Tour

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Students Explore Australia offers customizable study tours of UniSA for students seeking to explore their education programs. Students can tour the university’s facilities, such as their studio spaces and modern, purpose build teaching and learning facilities, to see how the university takes students from the classroom to the workplace.









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