Study Tours at Deakin University

Students Explore Australia has been offering study tour programs for high school and middle school students for several years now. The topics and activities open up the learning experience for students to dig more profoundly at what Australian culture is all about. We have a range of partnerships with educational organisations, schools and high-ranking universities, such as Deakin University. Deakin boasts world-class education facilities and is ranked in the top 1% in some study areas, including social sciences and public health, economics and business and psychiatry or psychology. Students Explore Australia is proud to offer study tour programs on their Melbourne Burwood Study.

Exploring Australian Culture

Teaching the students about a country’s lifestyle is one thing, but letting them experience it first-hand is different and more exciting. Students Explore Australia allows students to understand Australian culture by involving them personally. The itineraries include activities and sightseeing for your students. We take the group to wander through laneways and wildlife parks, to cuddle koalas and feed kangaroos. Students can discover Victoria’s history, get sporty at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and drive along the Great Ocean Road. Our goal is to make these activities as engaging and exciting as possible for students.

Choosing the Best University Education Program

Letting the students engage in a holistic education program enables them to be more effective and comprehensive in learning. Doing this at Deakin Melbourne Burwood Study allows them to visit their innovative facilities, such as their Telstra Trading Room which emulates a real-life trading floor for foreign exchange. They also have the opportunity to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and vast social spaces on-study. Among their available bachelor’s and master’s programs, there are various degree choices the student can choose from if they decide to pursue Deakin.

Finding a Suitable Long-Term Housing Option

As we offer study tour programs tailored to your needs, we can explore different options for your housing during your tour or if you proceed to enrol in one of the finest Australian universities. We are pleased to introduce you to homestays, on-study facilities, or private accommodation. Your housing option varies depending on the university you wish to study at, so touring it beforehand can give you a glimpse of what to expect.

Best Learning Experience A Student Can Have

On the note of widening your horizon, we can bring your study group to enjoy recreational activities that let you get to know the State of Victoria and Melbourne deeper. Whether you want to relish in Australian sports events, drive along the Great Ocean Road, or devour sensational food at Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula, we can provide you with unique experiences. You can also wander through Melbourne’s laneways made with chic street art and feel the vibrant cultures of Indigenous Australia welcoming you.  


Get To Know Other Universities

Students Explore Australia works with well-known universities, schools and other educational institutions around Australia. In this way, we can give your students the best possible study tour experience. Aside from Deakin University, students can visit these universities to explore other world-class education systems.

Deakin University

Among our partnering universities, we are happy to deliver study tour groups in collaboration with Deakin University, which ranked 15th in Best Global Universities in Australia. They also earned a 5-star QS ranking for their state-of-the-art facilities in recognition of Deakin’s superior level of sporting, IT, library and medical facilities. Melbourne Burwood Study is Deakin’s largest study offering a perfect symmetry between city lifestyle and suburban comfort. The on-study tours are excellent to observe this first-hand, providing the students a chance to learn more about their desired field for their higher education.

Our Collaboration

Bringing the complete Australian student experience to reality, Students Explore Australia partners with Deakin University and other universities. It will help students appreciate their chosen field and interact with Australian locals, paving the way for new learning that a brochure just can’t provide. 

We offer study tour packages for student groups. Families with children interested in finding out more about university education within Australia can also avail the programs. All are flexible, dependent on your needs and wants while focusing on students’ learning outcomes.

Science and Health

Students who yearn to explore the world of science and health can gain prior knowledge through on-study tours. By exposure to their desired field, they can know their career path whether they want to specialize in health science, psychological science, or occupational therapy. Students can also learn what they can expect from Deakin and what they want to major in by talking with university students. It is never too early to start a solid grounding in a range of health-related fields.

Business, Leadership and Management

Students who wish to take up business courses for their higher education can visit Deakin’s Faculty of Business and Law or tour around Deakin Business School. The group can participate in business classes taught by their prominent lecturers. They will explore emerging and innovative business trends alongside university students. Not only do they experience college, but they also develop their soft skills, including communication. All are essential to building the students up, ready to take on their desired course.

Arts, Design and Creative

Students who desire to specialize in arts and design can go out and around Deakin’s Faculty of Arts and Education, the university’s most prominent faculty. It will be a chance to check out their facilities for courses in education, social sciences, humanities, communication and the creative arts. Join classes facilitated by their expert lecturers and engage with other college students. Additionally, we can arrange for students who are intrigued by the creative side of the arts to tour their visual art studios, gallery and presentation spaces and design studios. Through the actual study visit and immersion in a supportive environment suited to their interests, students can fully benefit from the program at the end of the day.

Research and Development

For students who are into research and development, you have a place at Deakin University. A customized tour highlighting their research department, modern facilities and innovation can definitely satisfy a student’s curiosity. We can also coordinate with their researchers to conduct lectures for your study group or let you join with their class lectures. Your knowledge and understanding will heighten with Deakin being one of Australia’s fastest-growing universities.

How To Book A Study Tour

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Students Explore Australia offers customizable study tours of Deakin University for students seeking to explore their education programs. Students can tour the university’s innovative and modern facilities, such as their studio spaces for their creative disciplines and trading room for business courses. They can attend lectures where facilitators teach students with a real-world perspective.  It also allows observation on how their fellow students acquire relevant skills that they will apply in the workplace.









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