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Central Australia | July 30th - Aug 3rd

(Registration Cut Off – July 16th)

Join us for a distinctive journey on our Central Australia Camp, this experience effortlessly combines the beauty of nature with the history of Aboriginal cultural. It’s truly a perfect back drop for developing social skills, having fun and stepping a bit out of your comfort zone (being so rural)

We use various destinations as a place to understand more about Aboriginal culture > this includes places like Uluru (Ayers Rocks), Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and Watarrka National park (Kings Canyon) and much more!

Be part of this special retreat, delving into the heart of Central Australia.

Flinders Ranges | May 17th - 20th

(Stay tuned for new camp schedules)

Ancient mountain ranges, incredible gorges, and some brilliant bush tucker experiences would make you think you were navigating the terrain of another world. Explorers can be immersed in breath taking scenery during the day, and be amazed by the clear skies at night.

Our Southern Flinders Ranges program specifically focuses on Aboriginal culture, as we have 4 days to participate in activities such as dot painting, wood carving, yarning circles and sometimes even rake crabbing (seasonal)! All Aboriginal knowledge is taught by an Indigenous cultural educator.

Naracoorte Caves | June 18th - 21st

(Stay tuned for new camp schedules)

The Naracoorte Caves tell the story of Australia’s unique animal heritage, as the caves preserve the most complete fossil record spanning several ice ages.

A whole range of topics can be explored, including palaeontology, geology, the secret world of bats, adventure caving and of course personal development activities too. In this camp, of course we do enter into the caaves, including Alexandra Cave and Victoria Fossil Cave. Additionally, we get to do some fun activities like trying our Stand Up Paddleboarding (inside an dormant volcano > yes, you read that correct!)

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