NDIS Participants dancing and having a great time with program facilitators.

About Our All-abilities Camps

We know how challenging it can be supporting a child with special needs. Our camp programs allow you as a caregiver, guardian or parent and others in the family to have a break – all while developing a young person’s abilities through interactive, hands on fun. Throughout the last 10 years running camps for youth, we’ve found that nature is the perfect vehicle for self development! Aside from our own experience, there is a HUGE amount of research to back this up.

A core part of what we do is facilitating friendships and strengthening bonds between participants and our activities are specifically designed  to facilitate new connections, improving social skills, confidence and independence of participants. This gives our young people a chance to develop resilience and contribute to overcoming anxiety or other challengers. Ultimately,  this supports young people to reach their full potential and grow into a happier person and be better equipped to face life’s inevitable future challenges.

  • 1:1 or 1:2 Staff to Participant Ratio
  • Small group sizes
  • Dormitory Style Camp Program (not tents)
  • Fun for campers through lots of hands-on and engaging activities
  • A safe program, run by a company with 10 years experience hosting youth camps (that’s us!)
  • Super easy to organise – we want to make your life less busy and give you a break

What Sets Us Apart?

Fun – we provide experiences that are hands-on, engaging for youth and are generally nature-based. We specifically do this ins a group environment so that our youth have the opportunity to grow with others, develop social skills, independence, confidence and resilience as well as experiencing something new and possibly falling in love with a new nature-based activity! The vast majority of our campers and repeat campers and that is a testimony to how much fun the kids have, and the truly lifelong friendships that our camps forge!  

Safe – with almost 10 years of experience facilitating nature-based programs for youth, our safety processes are second to none. Not only do we have a minimum 1:2 support staff to participant ratio, but we also have an additional ‘Program Coordinator’ who is a spare adult person, and we have a camp chef. Our accommodation is almost always exclusively for our usage only (meaning no public stay on site with us) and we have a very high standard of staff supervision. Our risk management process and contingency planning is high level, for all activities and the tour in general. We even have staff with specialty training for certain medical considerations if required. 

Easy to Organise – Our camp sign-up and registration process has been designed specifically for busy parents/guardians and support workers. We are ultimately here to provide guardians a break, and therefore the last thing we want to do is create more paperwork for you. We have tried to make our sign up process as easy as possible and always welcome feedback to help improve it too!

Group Settings – A group setting has a huge rang of benefits compared to an individual mentoring or individual respite experience. Not only do we still have great support, but our camps offer:

  • interaction with others in their age group, which allows friendships to be formed, and social obstacles to be overcome > it’s the perfect supported environment to practice these skillset.
  • If one of our support staff gets sick or injured during the camp, we have extra/spare staff available at all times. This risk minimisation is not possible on 1:1 individual programs, additionally, this allows us to have 24/7 supervision (yes, even night shift)
  • Our campers interact with multiple support staff, and some may find great common ground with not just 1 support worker, but possibly more. 
  • For home-schooled kids specifically, this provides a perfect substitute to a ‘typical school camp’ that most children their age get to experience. 

Note: 83.33% of our camp programs sell out before the ‘registration cut off date’, so make sure to book in advance if there is a specific camp you wish to go on.


Some Feedback From our Latest Camp: