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Day Programs For Students in Australia

Student Explore Australia has been the leader for study tour programs, school camps, as well as day programs for Students in Australia. We offer “pre-made” tour packages to follow along with your school’s curriculum, student’s well-being, as well as other activities simply for fun. 

We take pleasure in working with schools to set up orientation programs, and end of year activities. The collaboration between our experience and your needs will make an interactive event for the students. Be sure to book your slot!

Student Explore Australia is always ready to set up games and adventures on-site and off-site. We can enjoy an exciting activity at the school or maybe even step it up and try adventures at beautiful destinations. Some program location off-site includes Kangaroo Island, Murray rivers, and South Australia’s beaches. 

We also include the tour schedule, accommodation, catering, and other needs you would have during these activities. Feel free to inquire, and we will gladly help you out!

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