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Kangaroo Island School Camp

Kangaroo Island is a truly unique destination for school camps – allowing ample opportunity for students to experience and fall in love with nature. The Island is lined with a combination of incredibly rugged limestone cliff edges and reefs, as well as serene white beaches that have been ranked in the top 5 beaches in the world! 

Kangaroo Island additionaly has a rich Aboriginal and European history – which is not talked about so much, nor very well known. Of course, our team always highlight Indigenous culture context on all our school camp programs. With famous places like Stokes Bay, Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch, Cliffords Honey Farm and so much more – there’s plenty of educational and hands on activities that simply can’t be found on the mainland all in the same place.

With incredibly beautiful cave systems, heart-pumping interactive wildlife shows, huge sand dunes and of course an abundance of wildlife around every corner, there is no place like Kangaroo Island to hold your next school camp!

Kangaroo Island Camping

Sandboarding on Kangaroo Island School Camp

Sand Tobogganing

If you know that your students have plenty of energy – then this is an iconic Kangaroo Island experience that your group simply cannot miss! Our team has all the gear needed to tackle the sand slopes and make sure your students have fun in a safe, and thrilling environment. Unless you drive over 5 hours from Adelaide, there is nowhere else to experience sand tobogganing – it’s truly a unique KI activity.

Kelly Hill Caves Kangaroo Island School Camp

Kelly Hills Caves

The Kelly Hills caves are a remarkable cave system, which allows student groups to walk through and learn about the ecology, geology and even go adventure caving for the older students! The raw beauty is amazing, and the learning outcomes are a great bonus!

Indigenous Culture

Indigenous culture is interesting on Kangaroo Island – as we have not had any language groups inhabit the island for the last 10,000 years. There is still a very rich history of Indigenous Culture on the island, and it is now known as ‘Karta’ (Island of the Dead) for mainland Indigenous people. Discover why, and how settlers took over Kangaroo Island together with Indigenous women from Tasmania – only a few generations ago.

Nature-based Volunteering

There is nothing like spending time in nature and giving back to a community, to teach and improve student’s wellbeing. We have partnered with a number of organisations on the Island that allow our school camp groups to do a range of nature-based volunteering. This included tree-planting, native plant surveying, animal surveying, native animal tracking and helping to set up sanctuaries for injured animals. After the devastating bushfires on Kangaroo Island, the need for volunteering has increased and students also get to see how the bushfires have affected local communities and wildlife.

Admirals Arch Kangaroo Island

Iconic Sites:

If you decide to go to Kangaroo Island for your next school camp, then you can’t miss these iconic natural attractions!

  • Remarkable Rocks – see these unique rock formations and discover how they have come to be, after millions of years of erosion.
  • Admirals Arch – used to be a cave system which is now home to New Zealand Fur Seals, get close enough to even smell the seals!
  • Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse – a great feature representing some interesting, early settler history
  • Honey Farms – taste honey and get an insight into honey farming and its role in nature!
  • Eucalyptus Farms – sample eucalyptus lollies and understand the history of eucalyptus farming on the Island.

Links to Curriculum:

School camps on Kangaroo Island offer an abundance of learning opportunities that can be linked directly to specific curriculum outcomes. From primary all the way to senior school, there are lots of direct links. We can work with you to directly address curriculum outcomes by way of tailoring activities and specific content within our guide notes.

How To Book a Kangaroo Island School Camp

Feedback from Schools - KI School Camp

This was by far the easiest and most enjoyable school camp I’ve chosen – and this was in most-past thanks to the team at Students Explore Australia.

Julie – Teacher from Stella Maris Parish School