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We offer kayaking and canoeing school camps across South Australia! All inclusive or budget options are available for primary, middle and senior years!

Students Explore Australia are experienced at delivering outdoor education to a wide variety of clients, we can custom design programs to suit a group’s needs and desired outcomes. This includes anything from short day-trips with teachable moments, to expedition-style journeys with deep enriching experiences. We have a wide variety of options to suit any budget and we can cover everything from transport, gear, food and more. Budget options allow you to create most of the experience yourself, and just use our services where needed. 

Kayaking & Canoeing Program

Journey Style Program

These are expeditions, where a group travels together experiencing different activities along the way. The group is self-dependent, which creates many learning opportunities. Journey style kayak/canoe programs can be run at the Coorong or Murray River regions. 

Day Trips

Day trips can be offered as a day program from Adelaide, we can pick your group up in the morning and have them back at school by the school bell. There are many paddling opportunities within driving distance from most schools in the Adelaide area. The trip regions include, Onkaparinga River, Encounter Marine Park (Rapid Bay),International Bird Sanctuary (Port Gawler), Dolphin Sanctuary (Garden Island) and the Coorong. There are many skills and much fun to be gained out of a short experience paddling on the water, with games and exploring involved

Pricing Options

For all inclusive options, we can cover everything from paperwork and admin, to transport using our buses, catering and equipment. We are setup to run all aspects of a program efficiently, effectively and safely! 

For budget options, SEA can take care of the main aspects of the program such as specialised activities, and you can take care of some other aspects that might include catering, transport and staffing/supervision of students. We’ll work with you to provide information on how to properly DIY any aspect of the program.

Possible Outcomes


It is proven that spending time in nature improves the wellbeing of young people. Through kayaking/canoeing, students develop outdoor skills that allow them to utilise nature when out with their families or independently, later in life. 


Kayaking and canoeing are great outdoor activities for groups learning how to efficiently work in a team. Students will be paired in a boat and required to work together to reach maximum efficiency. Many concepts can be taught to groups to ensure lessons are transferable to student’s lives. Throughout the camp each student will have the opportunity to participate in a group role, and ultimately contribute to the group’s success.


Kayaking/Canoeing offers opportunities for students to gain leadership skills. We can tailor programs to include aspects of group management, strategies to look after each other, skills to ensure the group is sticking together and critical decision making skills. Through developing these skills, students naturally build their own confidence.


Each program can include aspects of resilience building. Our ‘Challenge by Choice’ style of program requires students to think outside the box, in order for the group to overcome the challenge – and of course tests their resilience and allows them to be exceptionally conscious of their own decision making. When students go beyond their comfort zones, they are given a unique opportunity to develop themselves and grow more resilient.


How To Book The Kayaking & Canoeing Program