Raft Building - Aquatics Outdoor Education

Raft building is based around teamwork. It requires groups to come up with a design for their raft, using different strategies, and working out the best one. Teams are required to design and build a raft that they can sit on, and paddle. The challenge is to build a raft that floats and doesn’t come apart during our extensive challenges! Depending on age levels, we may provide participants with instructions and direction, or we may leave students to figure out the best design themselves!

Possible Program Outcomes


Raft building naturally provides leadership opportunities as the teams participating will need to work together, this usually involves listening and communicating to each other, students may choose to step into this leadership role, or leaders can be designated – depending on which outcomes you wish to bring out from the activity.


Raft building also provides resilience for students (particularly when the weather isn’t brilliant, yet the opportunity to participate is still taken up). Students will have to problem solve when designing their raft and during challenges in the water. Students will need to adapt along the way throughout the activity, and take initiative to ask questions or take charge of the situation. They will have to look to their team members for support as they persevere through this age appropriate activity.


As with all water activities – students will be required to wear PFD (lifejackets) when in water that is above waist deep. A student to instructor ratio is kept in line with Australian adventure standards, considering age group, and the waters we use are often enclosed areas. You can be sure students are safe when they participate in raft building challenges within our programs!

How To Book The Raft Building School Camp