Underwater photo of a young people snorkeling at tropical ocean.

Snorkeling - Aquatics Outdoor Education

Students Explore Australia are experienced outdoor educators with a wide variety of clients, we can custom design a program to suit a group’s specific outcomes. This includes anything from half day snorkels full of fun and games, to multi site snorkel experiences that explore nature and skills much deeper.. We have all inclusive, or low-cost options to suit any budgets!

Snorkeling Program


South Australia has some of the most unique snorkeling locations, in the world’s most pristine waters. Experience the diverse marine life with guided tours of lakes, ponds and coastal reefs. Snorkeling sites include Limestone Coast region (Ewen Ponds & Piccaninnie Ponds), upper Spencer Gulf (Whyalla, cuttlefish), lower Spencer Gulf (Edithburgh and Wool Bay) and Southern Fleurieu Peninsula (Port Noarlunga Reef, Aldinga Reef, Carrickalinga Cliffs and Rapid Bay).

Day Trips

Day Trips can be offered as a day program from Adelaide, Mount Gambier, York Peninsula and Port Augusta regions. We can pick your group up in the morning and have them back at school by the bell! There are many snorkeling locations within driving distance from most populated regions in South Australia, as we can travel to you. 

Snorkeling on Camp

Snorkeling can be included on most school camps in the above regions as one activity of many. We aim to make a flow/circuit of activities that connect to each other. Snorkeling can be paired with a number of similar outdoor activities in the region of your choice. Snorkeling is for all abilities, and if your group can brave the cold, then it can be run at any time of the year.

Pricing Options:

For all-inclusive options, we can cover everything from paperwork and administration, to transport, catering, and equipment. We have all the right gear, a fleet of buses and a crew of catering staff that always receive compliments!

For budget options, we can simply take care of components that you may not be able to, and allow you to DIY aspects that you can. We’ll support you to DIY the program and offer advice along the way!

Possible Program Outcomes


It is proven that spending time in nature improves the wellbeing of young people. Through snorkeling students have the opportunity to practise mindfulness, an important skill to utilise independently throughout schooling and later in life. Through the relaxation state of snorkeling students will be able to feel calmness, a state of relaxation while we adventure.

Self discovery

Students will have the opportunity to explore and will be guided and supported to discover more about themselves throughout the snorkeling experience. We are able to facilitate self discovery sessions before and after snorkeling programs.

Snorkeling Safety

As with all of our adventure activities, safety is undoubtedly a priority. We take a number of steps and conduct risk assessments that include weather conditions, locations, staff ratios and student abilities. It goes without saying that all our staff are experienced and fully qualified to run our snorkeling adventures.

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