Surfing is one of the most popular activities requested outdoors! We have a tonne of surfing equipment and some of the best instructors, which allows us to cater for small and large groups. We are able to offer surfing at any suitable beach throughout South Australia and some parts of Victoria. Our most popular locations include Kangaroo Island, Middleton, Moana, Goolwa (Fleurieu Peninsula), Robe and Yorke Peninsula.

Surfing Programs

Surfing is at the heart of Australian culture, and we believe everyone should experience the thrill of surfing in a safe and meaningful way! Our surf coaches not only provide surfing tips and skill progressions workshops, they also educate students about surf etiquette and beach safety. From board riding techniques, to surf culture, and even land-based skills that students can practice at home – our programs can cover it all. 

Students will finish our surfing camps with confidence in the waves. Our programs are sure to offer high quality fun for beginners or experienced groups. 


Beach Volunteering

An additional activity that goes hand in hand with surfing is our Beach Volunteering activities. As students will be spending time connecting with the environment they surf in, it’s always nice to give back and say thanks for what you have enjoyed. The ocean takes a toll from the waste we produce and by completing a beach clean up, planting native vegetation, constructing protection fences or displaying educational signs for the general public – students get the opportunity to formally give back to the natural environment. Of course – all our activities and programs have optional activities, and indeed volunteering is always optional.

Payment Options

Our all inclusive options include equipment, surfing lessons, risk management and water safety, contingency planning, transport and catering should you wish. Whereas our budget options allow you to conduct and organise aspects of the program you wish to, which allows you to only use our services where they’re truly needed.

Program Outcomes


We know that spending time in nature increases the wellbeing of young people – it’s proven, well-established research. Through surfing and swimming in the ocean, students develop outdoor skills that allow them to utilise nature when out with their families or independently, later in life. This ultimately develops a young person to be a happier and healthier member of the community.

How To Book The Surfing School Camp