Mountain Biking Outdoor Education - School Camps

We offer some of the best Mountain Biking school camps across South Australia! Perfect for beginners or senior school level programs!

With over 10 years of experience delivering outdoor education programs, you’ll know that we can get complex specialty programs such as mountain biking, right every time! We’ve worked with upper primary, middle and senior school groups and explored a wide variety of mountain biking areas including Adelaide Hills, Southern Flinders Ranges and even coastal tracks along many of SA’s stunning coastlines! We have day programs that are accessible to most schools, and extended programs that can either include sessions of, or focus exclusively on mountain biking skill development. 

Mountain Biking Program

Day Trips

Day trips can be offered as day programs from Adelaide or some regional schools (depending on your location). We can pick your group up in the morning just before school would normally start, and have students back by regular pickup times. There are many ideal locations to mountain bike within driving distance from most Adelaide schools, which vary in beginner to advanced levels!

Base Camp

Mountain biking can be included in any camp, when a group is staying at a base camp. We can use biking for a full day activity, or on a journey program where bikes are our vehicles allowing us to complete a leg of the journey onto our new campsite spot. We have a full backup team to meet groups wherever they are, complete with a bike trailer, 20+ bikes, helmets, high visibility for roadside bike riding and all repair equipment. There is a lot of gear involved, but we are able to comfortably cover this for your group.

Mountain biking offers students an opportunity to stretch out of their comfort zone and either learn a new skill, or progress to the next level. Our instructors can cater their coaching and tips to any level of ability.

Extended Trips

For extended biking trips, South Australia is lucky enough to have a 900km trail stretching from Blinman in the Flinders Ranges to the Adelaide Hills. This can be used at any section to complete an incredible biking journey that students will certainly not forget!

Pricing Options

As with any of our outdoor activities, we can include absolutely all aspects of the program for you, allowing your teachers to simply come along for the ride, or meet us at destinations. We are happy to organise all risk management, contingency planning, itinerary and booking, park entrance fees, equipment and of course instructors to make the program awesome for your group! Believe me, students can be challenged – but at the end of the program students always feel a sense of accomplishment and real achievement.

As for our budget options, these options allow you to organise any aspect of the program yourself, helping to keep costs low.



Our purpose is to connect young people with nature, to better the wellbeing of Australia’s next generation! Through Mountain Biking, students may be inspired to fall in love with nature, and ultimately be able to better utilise nature in their own life.


Each program can include aspects of resilience building. Our ‘Challenge by Choice’ style of program requires students to think outside the box, in order for the group to overcome the challenge – and of course tests their resilience and allows them to be exceptionally conscious of their own decision making. When students go beyond their comfort zones, they are given a unique opportunity to develop themselves and grow more resilient.

Self development

Mountain biking offers skill progression and challenge which is a pathway to increased self confidence, and builds a sense of accomplishment within students. 

How To Book The Mountain Biking School Camp