Adventure Caving - Outdoor School Camps

We offer adventure caving as part of our school camp programs in South Australia. Working with private landowners and government agencies, we have access to a number of routes that our instructors can take students through. We have cave systems and routes that are suitable for beginners, taking their first challenges, while we also have expert level adventure caving routes that are not for the faint hearted.

Adventure Caving Program

Wellness Outcomes

Caving is a great activity to include when students are prompted to be challenged by choice, and want to be nudged to step outside of their comfort zones. Adventure caving involves participants crawling, climbing, making their way through underground caverns within minimal lighting. Participants are provided an opportunity to stretch their comfort zones, by trying an activity that they may have never done before, or that might be a little mentally foreign as the routes take participants through an unusual mental puzzle.

Undoubtedly, this helps students to develop their own resilience, and ultimately lends itself to a greater sense of accomplishment for students who persevere and see the light and the end of the tunnel (literally and figuratively).

Subject Area Outcomes

In addition to huge personal development benefits from adventure caving, students will learn about the geology of the area. Normally cave systems are formed in limestone, but our guides go deeper into the specific geology of an area, so that students come away with an understanding of how the cave systems were formed and how they may change. This conversation often segues into developing a student’s understanding of conservation and appreciation for natural systems such as caves – and ways we can protect these unique environments.


Of course, specific skill sets will be developed by students, courtesy of our fully trained instructor. The correct techniques, equipment and safety procedures will be demonstrated, specifically emphasised for beginner groups. The culmination of learning new skills, learning about geology and building resilience and wellbeing results in an exceptional program for school that take on adventure caving as part of their school camp programs in South Australia.


Accommodation is generally dormitory style, with separate areas for male and female teachers, and of course students are gender seperated too. Depending on which location we visit with your group, we often have access to a hall and recreation facility as well as commercial kitchens. When we stay on privately owned land, we may have access to campfire nights too – depending on fire risk seasons and conditions. Enquire today and we can send through a formal proposal related to your school’s specific camp needs.

How To Book Adventure Caving School Camps