Rock Climbing & Abseiling - Outdoor School Camps

Rock climbing and abseiling allows students to be actively involved in belaying their team mates to climb up the natural rock walls of South Australia’s finest climbing sites. Students are provided an opportunity to expand their comfort zone by engaging in new and different types of climbing. The underlying theme within rock climbing and abseiling is trust. Students must rely on their peers for support, advice, and come together as a team of two or more to reach the top!

Rock Climbing & Abseiling Program

Possible Wellness Outcomes

Climbing is a true outdoor challenge for any age, there are so many varieties of challenge to suit all. This activity allows students to practice initiative, self-reliance, leadership, and a sense of responsibility. The students will each participate in a different component of the belay system which will support their peer who is climbing up the escarpment. This enables students to practice trust with each other. Rock climbing and abseil can be included in any length of camp, it can be completed as a half day or multi day activity for students to progress skills. Opportunity to use multiple sites for skill progression.SEA will supply all the climbing equipment and safety management. 


Within South Australia, there are many different climbing locations – from the far north in the Flinders Ranges, right down to the South Eastern coastlines of the Limestone Coast near Mt Gambier, and many places in between! If your school is regional, we can surely find a suitable place to go rock climbing and abseiling. If your school is local to the Adelaide plains areas, then indeed places such as Onkaparinga, The Bluff at Encounter Bay and Moriolta Gorge are a few great classic spots within a short drive. We also offer some climbing among Victorian rock faces near The Grampians and near the Great Ocean Road.

Climbing Skills

Students will have the opportunity to learn technical skills including how to best use different muscle groups for a long-lastin and energy saving climb, different foot and hold techniques, spotting the best and safest climbing lines. In addition, students are shown different types of rock climbing and abseiling equipment, and of course the appropriate ways in which to use the equipment. Of course, this includes belaying techniques, and each student will have the opportunity to ratet roles and experience all the areas of safe rock climbing and abseiling on our school camps.

Pricing Options

We can tailor make programs that are best aligned with your schools needs and budget. We offer all-inclusive options, where we create a school camp that includes catering, transport, itinerary, logistics management, safety and contingency planning, accommodation and everything. Otherwise, we can manage only the aspects of the school camp that you can’t – such as providing climbing equipment and instructors for example. This way, you have the flexibility to create a program that is just right for your school group!

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