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Australian Sport Experiences on our Study Tours

Our study tours in Australia combine a number of elements to make sure that your student group gets everything they require. An important element that is often requested, is some form of Australian sport. We often take our study tour groups to see Australian Football League (AFL)

games live in a stadium, and help them to understand how our national sport is played. We have also included learn to surf lessons or other outdoor activities that help students to experience Australian culture, or learn particular concepts. Sport is a great addition to any Australian study tour experience.

We can also create dedicated sports based training tours. For example, if your group is particularly interested in cricket, swimming, hockey, badminton, tennis, soccer, AFL, rugby, golf or basketball then we can liaise with our industry connections and organise your tour around this sport. We work in collaboration with professional sporting bodies to organise training sessions, coaching and visits to stadiums and facilities. If you have any questions, just enquire and we will provide an answer.

Why choose us for Study Tours with a Sports Component

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As we have been running educational tours for almost 10 years, we are experts in planning student focused itineraries, risk management plans, transport and of course we have incredible industry connections. In the case of organising a sports component within you study tour, our partnership based model allows us to team up with a reputable sports team or organisation in your chosen study tour location. If your group would like a dedicated sports study tour, then our partner organisation will deliver the technical training component and may organise facility and stadium visits, while we deliver the logistics, catering and all of the other ‘touring’ components. Your student’s Certificate of Achievement will come complete with our partner organisation’s logo.

If your study tour group just prefers to try some Australian sports purely for fun and as a way of experiencing Australian culture – then we can easily tailor our program to be full of excitement and meet your students’ needs. Feel welcome to contact us if we can help.

Study Tour Locations Across Australia

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If your group is looking for a dedicated sports training tour, then location can certainly make a difference. Our team will advise you on your best option if you contact us. If you just want to try surfing or experience a live AFL match, then any destination works well!

Our Sports Tour Partners

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