Adelaide Study Tours

Students Explore Australia has been a leader in offering student tour programs in Australia. Not just that, we also customize study tours to fit your preferences around various Australian cities, including Adelaide.

Adelaide is a city with diverse communities and thriving local industries, which are suited for an immersive and culturally rich experience for students. Bustling businesses and a healthy economy open up many opportunities for growing students’ careers.

In the world of academe, universities in Adelaide ranked in the top 2% of the world, which guarantees high-quality education across schools, vocational training, universities and English language colleges. Here at Student Explore Australia, we want to provide insightful moments for students through our English language study tours, higher education study tours (for those who consider studying at Adelaide universities), or subject-specific study tours for student groups who have a special interest in a particular topic or theme.
Aside from that, the Australian Space Agency is based in Adelaide giving more options for students’ day tours along with experiencing cultural activities, including wildlife parks with kangaroos and koalas, surfing and beach activities and wine tours (for over 18 groups only) and much more.
Definitely, you can never go wrong with considering studying and living in one of the most liveable cities in the world, Adelaide.

Explore Adelaide Universities You Can Visit For Your Study Tours

Adelaide is a superb choice for study tours! The city is home to many universities, making it the perfect place to learn and explore. Let us know your preferred university from our partners below and we will start crafting your study tour fit for your budget, learners’ needs and academic goals.